A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ferret Snaps

I got a few ferrety snaps today when I was down in critter land doing chores.  I think I got at least one of everyone.  The ferret gang is doing great - active, happy and healthy.  Violet continues to do well - we go for her glucose check on 5/11:



Tabby and Madison




Fiona, Theo and Madison


Funny - Theo is tucked in one shot - usually he is front and center for picture taking - I must have caught him at nap time.  He is fine though - I have had hands on him a couple of times today - sweet boy....

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lazy Rainy Days

Image result for lazy rainy day

It's cloudy and rainy here and as a result we have a long list of lazy critters today.  Add to the list that the yard folks were here earlier which meant Winston and the pups had to be inside - its been a snoozy kind of day.

As I type I think everyone in critterland (kitties and ferrets) are sacked out.  I went down there to get something off the printer and no one moved.  The puppies are napping - Tango and Charli on dog beds in the living room, Juliett on the couch and Emma on the bed.  Winston is actually outside at the moment - he isrooting in the bushes having a grand time because its muddy - oh joy.

Kitties and ferrets are all doing well but are not very active when the weather is like this - can't say that I blame them.

As for Tango's bump - I think it might be a bit smaller actually.  Certainly not growing any and still soft, normal color, no red, no oozing - its all good.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better and more motivational weather day where the dogs and the pig can get outside and use up some energy.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter!!

It's 9:30 here and we are just wrapping up our holiday with giving the fur children their Easter goodies.  It has been a busy day for the humans - hosting a brunch.  The puppies had fun playing with their cousin, Emma was quite participatory in the doggie shenanigans as well.  Winston spent some time napping in his room and then got to go out front and root for 30 minutes or so - he needed a breather from indoors to go potty and get some fresh air.  Once all our guests and visiting pups had gone he spent the evening in the back yard.  The little critters spent their day having the run of the outside play space as the weather was lovely here.

For Easter goodies our little gang got the following:

Winston -  peanut butter "cookie"dog treat, stuffed Peeps toy and lots of fresh fruit and veges from our brunch prep work as we were cooking.

Puppies and Emma - peanut butter "cookie", Peeps dog toy and each of them got a spikey dog ball - as I type this Tango is racing through the house carrying around the tube that the dog toys came in - he thinks the package is more fun than the toy.

Kitties and Ferrets - Treats and new treat dispenser - that seemed to be the big hit.  It's like a weeble wobble with a hole in the side - filled with kitty treats - as they knock it over some of the goodness spills out.  It also has holes out the top that you can put these rope treats - they look a bit like orange licorice - and the kitty or ferret can drag the toy to make the treats fall out.  Didn't take Theo long to figure out that those ropes were treats....  They also got a grocery bag full of small toys - mice and other cat toys.  Ferrets love toys they can hoard.  I have also found that they love grocery bags,  I poke holes - three - across the bottom of the bag so there is no chance they can get tangled up in there and have issues getting air.  They love to take things out of bags.

Easter pics for your viewing pleasure:

Juliett with ears

Charli with ears

Tango with ears

Emma with ears

Winston with ears

Peep dog toys 
Peanut butter 'cookies'






Kitty and Ferret goodies

Phoebe (kitty), Theo, Fiona and Violet

Tabby, Madison, Violet and Bash

Theo, Fiona, Bash, Violet and Madison

Phoebe, Kai and Ollie

Theo hoarding toys into the closet

Fiona, Theo, Violet, Phoebe and Ollie

Ollie, Tabby, Madison, Fiona and Kai

Saturday, April 15, 2017

General Updates

Well first of all - April the Giraffe had her baby finally and (s)he was so worth the wait.  If you haven't been following or you haven't checked out the new baby you should definitely take a peek! Thank goodness for mobile technology.  I got to see the birth when it happened and I have kept tabs on mom and baby while standing in line at Costco, the bakery and the grocery store.

As for my critters - everyone is doing just great.  Pups and pig spent the morning outside soaking up the gorgeous sunshine.  The puppies are active and happy and they have worn themselves out and are now snoozing in various parts of the living room.  Winston has gone in his room to take a nap in his fabulous paper bed.  Emma is snoozing on our bed - the canine/porcine part of the zoo seems pretty content.  There is only one thing that has me a bit worried.  I think Tango has developed a hernia at his incision site where he was neutered.  It's small - maybe the size of a jelly bean.  It's not hard, warm or leaking any kind of fluid - its just a little bulge.  It does not bother him at all and it is relatively new as it was not there on Wednesday when he got groomed.  I noticed it this morning.  I will be keeping a close eye on it - I will call the vet on Monday morning if it stays like it is - if for some reason it changes (gets bigger, gets harder or appears to be infected) I will take him to the emergency vet.  I am hoping its not a huge deal and really hoping it doesn't mean another surgery....

Down in critter land - kitties and ferrets are all doing great.  The door to the outside playspace is wide open and there has been a steady stream in and out this morning.  Violet and the kitties have had their meds and all is well at that end of the house.

Tomorrow is Easter and I am putting finishing touches on the critter Easter baskets.  The pups will get a treat and a couple of new toys, the pig will get a treat and a serving of fruit salad and the kitties and ferrets will get a combo basket full of toys that they can share.  They will also get treats - ferrets will get ferretone and chew sticks and kitties will get cat treats.  We are hosting an Easter brunch so I better quit typing and start prepping.....

Here are a few more pup pics from my phone - I will work on little critter snaps this week:

Spring has sprung for sure - lots of blooms






Juliett likes to sleep in the bushes

Tango and Charli prefer sleeping on the patio

Emma is the smart one - she naps on our bed

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Baths and Puppy Cuts

The puppies had their first groomings today.  I called the mobile groomer and wow - I will never go back to taking them in for grooming.  Having it done in your driveway is awesome.

I was quite impressed with how it went - the dogs were all very well behaved and cooperative.  I was worried that since they are scared of new things that this would be traumatic for them.  I don't think it was that bad.

Here are a few pictures I snapped - Charli went first:

Checking out the groomer - she liked him

Getting shaved

In the tub

Not loving the blow dryer

Not so bad once you get used to it
Juliett was next - I was worried about her - she is a tiny bit neurotic - don't tell her I said that:

Getting shaved

Being so good!

In the tub

Getting dried - really surprised she let him use the dryer - I thought for sure she would be scared

 Tango's turn - he was good but didn't love the experience and was very vocal about it.  Girls didn't make a peep but Tango complained the whole time.....

Getting shaved
Silly expression

In the tub

Getting blown dry

All finished - Tango

All finished - Charli furthest from the camera and Juliett