Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Free, Free - Set Them Free

Well folks - I am sad to report - I am not a worm composter.  I decided today that it was time to set my poor little wormies free.  Worm composting was harder than I thought it would be and lately I have been neglecting my little worm friends so I thought it only fair to set them free.

A couple of weeks ago I had been doing some outdoor rearranging that resulted in moving things that had LOTS of big healthy happy worms under them.  I made them a fabulous pile of fresh dirt and relocated all of them there.  I decided to add my inside worms to that pile as well so this afternoon I took the composter trays other there and did the official dump.  I made sure to add a large helping of greens for them to much on and paper as well and now my wormies are outside getting to know their new friends.

I hope they will be happy and healthy worms outside and that they have a better time in the wild than they did in my laundry room.  Strangely - I am kinda sad I don't have indoor worms any longer but I am happy that they will be happier outdoors.  I know they will be helping my tomatoes grow over the summer...

Live long and prosper sweet worms....

Monday, April 21, 2014

Walking Off Our Frustration

It was not a good critter night at our house....Miss Emma decided that scratching on the carpet ALL NIGHT was important.  At 2:46 I gave up, came downstairs and did some work.  I went back to bed around 5 am, read until 6 am and laid there until 7 when I got up and hit the showers.  So - needless to say - I am a bit groggy this Monday morning.

I find that on the days when I am really frustrated with the dog I take her for a walk.  We just got back from a little jaunt around the neighborhood and I think we are both feeling better.  She needed some exercise as she spent a good portion of our rainy and icky weekend under the bed and I can always use the physical activity and the chance to clear my head.

All is right with us again and she is enjoying a bone and watching out the screen door while I type...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

It's Easter Sunday - and we are enjoying a very quiet day.  Yesterday was filled with preparations for and hosting of an Easter brunch.  It went well and the critters were pretty well behaved.  In fact - the ferrets slept through the whole event.

Today we are hanging out and enjoying some down time.  The critters celebrated Easter with some extra treats this morning.  The ferrets enjoyed some empty plastic Easter eggs they pushed around with their noses.  The kitties and Emma got a little nibble of a tiny bit of the left over lamb from yesterday.

This afternoon everyone is snoozy - including the humans.  We were contemplating heading outside for some yard work but the longer we lay around the less likely that seems.  Perhaps some Easter candy and a nap is in my future instead....

Happy Easter to you and yours!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Sounds of the Zoo

I am up early this Saturday morning to prepare for a brunch we are hosting later today.  As I try to get myself out of the fog of exhaustion from the wild work week I find myself sitting downstairs enjoying the sounds of the zoo:

I can hear the Oliver and Phoebe kitties wrestling, Zoey is purring in the kitchen and Aggie is bathing herself on the back of the sofa.

Ferret noises - Clooney playing in his crinkly tunnel, Violet and Madison wrestling which includes quite the dialogue between the two of them - I do love those ferret squeaks.  I can hear the little shuffle of ferret feet on the kitchen floor as Theo runs around to investigate and the crunch of cat food as Finn gets himself some breakfast.

This morning there are no Emma sounds as the pup is afraid of rain and its pouring outside.  So much for the plans to host our brunch outside....

I better get my butt in gear and get moving...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Fever

I think my furry children have a case of spring fever - either that or they are just being naughty... I will give them the benefit of the doubt and go with spring fever.

Emma was a carpet scratching, barking beast today...sigh.

Oliver was walking through the house wailing at the top of his lungs because I wouldn't let him lay on my lap while I was trying to work.

Zoey tipped over the garbage can in an effort to get to the cantaloupe rinds - she does love cantaloupe.

Phoebe insisted on laying in my chair whenever I got up for anything - I finally gave up and relocated.

I heard a giant crash while I was upstairs - went downstairs to investigate and passed Theo en route who had a large sized milk bone dog treat in his mouth.  Yep - he dumped the box - that was the crash and he was on his way to put that bone in his hidden pile of treasures.

Finn is obsessed with the ceiling fan in our bedroom and stands prairie dog on his hind feet and watches it go around and around - this seems to make him dizzy which makes him wild.  Once wild he is a climber - climbing on anything and everything generally wreaking havoc.  Today he proceeded to knock a picture frame, a statue and a set of headphones off the headboard.

At least the others - Aggie, Vi, Maddie and Clooney were being at least somewhat well behaved - not sure I could deal with all 10 having the fever in one day...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere

My critters - all of them - love bubbles.  There are not too many things in this world that delight the dog, the ferrets and the cats but bubbles fit that bill.  I would so love to capture a video or some pictures but I will most definitely need an assistant - I simply do not have enough hands.

Each of them has a different response to bubbles:

Emma eats them.  Ollie smacks them between his paws.  Phoebe sniffs them.  Zoey leaps for them. Aggie is the observer - she likes to watch the bubbles - to revel in their beauty.  Ollie the smacker usually makes that pretty rough.

As for the ferrets... Maddie and Violet are both fascinated, watching and popping those bubbles that survive landing on the ground with their noses.  Clooney pretends to be disinterested but you can see him watch - he is just too proud show it.  Theo is the ferret equivalent of a smacker - he doesn't pop them with his paws but he uses his body instead.  And then there is Finn - he gets so excited he jumps for the bubbles.  This is quite endearing and cute - and somewhat dangerous.  For instance - today he jumped from the tippy top of the cat tree in his effort to get the bubbles.  Luckily I grabbed him before he splatted....Note to self - make sure he is low to the ground before bubble blowing commences.

If you have furry critters at home you should give it a try - 10 out of ten zoo critters approve!!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Zoey

It may be tax day but around here we are celebrating Zoey's birthday!  She is 11 years old today!

Zoey was an adorable fluffy white kitten - born in Colorado - across the street from my parents house.  The story goes something like this:  I saw her and fell in love - she was promised to someone else.  We were on a road trip and had left for home and got a call from my mom after being on the road for a few hours that we could have the kitty.  My husband (boyfriend at the time) turned the car around and headed back for her.  She was a lovely traveler on the way home and she made fast friends with Isabel and Aggie - the kitties we had at the time....

Zoey morphed from an all white kitten to a beautiful marmalade and cream colored cat.  It's believed that she has some lynx point Siamese in her blood line.  She also morphed from a happy purring kitten to a somewhat persnickety adult kitty.  She has certainly mellowed over the years but she can still be hissy, growly, and unpleasant to strangers and especially to the vet.  She loves her humans though and is quite loyal.  She gets along well with all the kitties, is peacefully co-existent with Emma and is not a huge fan of the ferrets even though they try to be friends with her often.

We have had a few health scares with Miss Zo over the years but for the time being she is quite stable and seems to be doing well and enjoying life.

So - happy  birthday to my girl - you were so worth the miles we spent turning around to pick you up and make you a part of our family!!!