Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week In Review

Last week was just plain crazy!

Monday we had my brother in town - my critters adore him.  Sadly he is quite allergic to the kitties so they are not able to show him the love but he didn't do too bad in the stuffy nose department thankfully.  With him in town that meant we were on the go so the critters had to entertain themselves.

Tuesday I had to report for Jury Duty - UGH!  Emma, Winston and the kitties had the downstairs and the ferrets had our room and I was gone ALL DAY.  I got seated on jury around 11:30 and didn't get home until about 6:30.  It was a long day for the critters.

Wednesday - back downtown for more jury duty.  Since there was a forecast of rain we reversed the order and kitties and ferrets had downstairs and Winston and Emma had our room so Emma could be under the bed during the storms.  Again - a very long day for the critters.

Thursday - back downtown again - thankfully only for the morning and then we were excused. Thursday afternoon was spent digging out at work, trying to catch up at home and trying to get the gang back on a schedule.

Friday was our first normal day of the week and it felt great!  I think this week was hard on the critters as they were misbehaving and acting out all day - quite frustrating.

On Saturday we spent some quality time at home with them which I think we all enjoyed.

Which brings us to today - Sunday.  Winston slept in until 7.  He was a good boy using his box first thing this morning.  Since then we have had breakfast and play time.  He seems to be a happy boy. The ferrets are all still sacked out upstairs and the kitties are in various stages of waking up and getting going for the day.  Emma is sprawled out on the bed sleeping in with her dad.

I am glad to have things get back to "normal" around here....

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Potty Training - It's a Trial

Winston is struggling with getting the whole concept of potty training.  I think its frustrating for him and I know its frustrating for me.

I decided to do some research and found some interesting tidbits.  First off - I have to remind myself that he is only 11 weeks old - not even 3 months yet.  He is still a baby.... most of the articles say that between 3 - 6 months is when they learn to control themselves enough to hold it to go outside.

Outside is hit and miss - some days he does just great with outside - some days nothing - he refuses to pee outside.  Not sure what that's about.

I think our other challenge is that he is a pig that eats a few bites and then drinks and then eats and then drinks - this results in a huge amount of water consumption and that turns into a huge amount of pee.  I found a suggestion on a website today that we should wet his food and pick up his bowl when he eats.  This article suggests that the eat/drink/eat/drink behavior is not a requirement but just a habit that some pigs have.  I think I will give it a try tomorrow when I feed him and see how it goes.

As for number two - he totally has that mastered for some reason - every time in the box or outside - I think we have had one miss in about 5 weeks.

I am hoping things will continue to improve once he is neutered as well - that happens in late October.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Four Kitty Post

It's been forever since I did a kitty post:

In general the kitties are well - they all seem to be healthy and happy!

Oliver - he is still my ornery boy.  He is trying to get used to Winston - he is our ambassador of the zoo and gets along with everyone but Winston challenges him with his head butting and kitty bowling tactics.  They play often and when Winston gets too rough Ollie heads for higher ground. His health is fantastic and he is full of energy.

Phoebe - little Miss is overdue for a vet visit - I need to make an appointment for her but she is doing just great.  She is unsure of the piglet and avoids him most of the time.  Phoebe is still my toy kitty and brings her ball up every night for tossing.  All in all she is doing very well.

Aggie - my old girl is just perfect - no ailments to report.  Aggie is in denial we have a piglet and she pays him absolutely no attention.  She is active and interactive and occasionally I catch her playing with her toys like a spring chicken.  Very pleased with how she is doing.

Last but certainly not least - Miss Zoey.  My snagglepuss is not loving the pig - surprise, surprise! She is a pretty mellow girl otherwise - hanging out mostly downstairs but venturing up to sleep with us every now and then.  She is very stable healthwise  which is great given some of the challenges we have had with her.

Overall - there are no complaints in kitty land!!  :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Crazy Schedules

Right about now I am longing for our regular routine.  The last two weeks have been super crazy with lots going on at work for the humans, then my brother here for my dad's birthday and then the dreaded jury duty - of course I got picked...ugh.

As a result the critters have had much alone time - which is not necessarily a bad thing - its probably good for them to not have me around all the time.  The ferrets have been staying in our bedroom - which is where they would likely be if given the choice.  They have food, water, toys and their favorite sleeping spot in the closet so they seem quite content.

The pig and the dog share the downstairs with the kitties and all seems to go fairly well.  We are still working through potty training with Winston - its a slow process but we are making progress I think. I am so looking forward to having life return to normal days - you have no idea.

Hopefully only a couple more crazy days and then all should settle down for a bit.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Pig and Dogs and Rugs Don't Mix

I am really not sure who is worse - Emma or Winston on the rugs in this house.  Emma does quite a number on looped rugs when she does her nesting/scratching on the carpet.  Winston made some pretty large bald spots on a shag rug the last few days - I think he thinks its like grass and he roots around until all the fibers are pulled out.

The rug in my dining room was beyond repair - that one was pretty much due to Emma and her scratching.  I pitched it and replaced it with - of all things - an outdoor patio mat.  It has been down on the floor for 3 days now and its been scratched on and rooted on with no issues to report.  At this time the rug in the entry has been turned face down in order to attempt to preserve it.  I will be heading to Lowe's for another patio mat for the entry as well.  Silly critters.

Naughtiness and Guests

My brother is in town for a quick visit and is brave enough to stay with us.  Before bedtime the critters are great - charming and friendly and wanting to interface with the new person at our house. After the lights go out - its a whole other story - not charming in the slightest.

Finn is still upset that the guest room is off limits to critters so he woke me around 4 am trying to scratch on the door - brat.  I really could not get him to quit so I brought him in our room and shut the door.  This upset Oliver who proceeded to wail - so I let him in....closed the door behind him - which made him wail even more.  Sigh.

Earlier in the evening piglet was trying to break out of his pen.  He does not normally do this until around 7 am....upon further investigation he was objecting to the fact that there was no water available.  Once I filled up his bowl he got a drink and went to bed.  Emma has been scratching on the carpet on and off...

Needless to say it's not been the most restful night....hopefully my brother is sleeping through it....

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

What's New @ the Zoo?

How about some general updates - we haven't done that for a bit:

Lets start with miss Emma - she is doing well!!  I think she loves having a pig.  I have noticed that some of her neurotic behaviors have decreased since Winston joined our family.  Even though he annoys her at times I think she loves him and he most definitely loves her.  We are feeling more and more comfortable leaving the two of them alone together.  They are learning each other's boundaries and can often be found playing together.

The Ferrets - in general - they are adjusting quite well to the new routine we have with them being upstairs during their downtime.  No one seems to mind it much and it keeps the boy ferrets from having unpleasant interactions with the piggy.

Violet is just great.  She is by far the most interactive with Winston - I would almost call them friends and while I wouldn't on purpose leave them unattended it would not be a huge issue if it happened.  They have figured each other out for sure. She has found her way into Winston's covers several times - not sure what that's about....  Violet seems quite healthy and happy and is quite playful with her humans....

Finn is my happy and sweet boy and he is doing great.  Things between he and the pig are improving slowly - they are much slower to escalate than Winston and Theo.  He can often interface with Winston now for a good bit of time - 45 mins before he gets so excited that pig rodeo starts.  I have hope that in a few months when Winston is a bit bigger and Finn is more and more used to him they will be all good.

Madison - my sweet, sweet and joyful girl.  As always she is full of cuddles and kisses.  Like Violet - she does well with Winston - they are not quite as friendly but close.  I can let them interface without much risk of escalation.  Maddie is great - happy, healthy and fully engaged.

Theo is my all boy all the time.  He is full of mischief, affection and loves to find trouble.  I think things between he and Winston are improving as well - but we have a long way to go.  With him it totally depends on the day - some days he is not particularly interested and some days it takes him 2 seconds to bite on the pig.  In general he is just great - full of happiness and orneriness and always good for some lovies with his humans.

The Kitties -  in general - the kitties are well!  Everyone seems happy and content.  I am pleased with how they are doing.  Everyone seems to be in good health which is just how I like it.

Oliver - he is trying to figure out the pig - Winston loves him but sometimes the piglet is a bit rougher than Oliver would like.  This results in head bonking and biting.  For the most part they are good though.  Oliver has been less into trouble these days - the orneriness factor has gone down a notch or two.

Zoey - my snarly girl is doing great - her health seems quite good and she has been hanging out with me quite a bit lately.  She has no love for the piglet and pretty much avoids him.  She will tolerate sharing the water dish so long as Winston doesn't get too close.

Phoebe is going through a rebellious phase - pushing the limits and getting into trouble - little turkey. Her health seems to be good and she seems to be a happy.  Not sure what has her pushing my buttons but I hope this phase passes quickly.  She is still BFFs with Oliver and still not BFFs even remotely with Aggie.

Speaking of Aggie - my eldest girl is fab.  She is quite happy and very healthy and in complete denial that we have acquired a pig.  She sure seems content and is engaged with the critters and with the humans.  I am quite pleased.

Which brings us to Winston - that little pig has stolen our hearts.  He is such a great addition to the zoo.  He is doing just great - growing and learning each day.  He is very much a creature of habit - he likes his schedule to be the same each day.  He is good about putting himself to bed and he gets up at the same time every day.  Sadly for me it much earlier than I want to get up...  In the last week he has decided that he likes raisins, that he can do both up and down the stairs, that he is tolerating starting to let me put his harness on and that he has almost completely forgotten where he is supposed to go potty.

And lastly - its been 44 days since my sweet Clooney passed.  I should be receiving his special urn in the next week or two - I can't wait to see it.  I miss him so much still and think of him every day.

So there you have it...