A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with ten crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Zoo Logo

I am so excited that the new zoo logo is done and delivered.  I found a new website called Fiverr where you can get logos, tshirt design, apps, editing, etc for $5.  I figured for $5 it was a low risk investment. I poked around and found a lovely artist who worked up this logo from a sketch I sent her.  It turned out even better than I had envisioned!!  I have a whole list of projects I hope to collaborate with her on!

If you will remember - this was the old logo:

I toyed with trying to keep Nigel (the hedgehog) as a part of the new logo but decided against it.  So - here we have the newest version of the logo - it evolves as we do:

I am thrilled with how it turned out!  How about you???

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Yesterday was a rough day for the human here in the household.  I as feeling so under the weather yesterday with the mother of all headaches that lasted all day.  UGH!

The critters were great yesterday - I think they know when I feel bad.  Everyone was on best behavior for the entire day.  I got cuddles from the piglet who laid on the couch with me.  The kitties were close by, the ferrets were also quite sweet and cuddly and Miss Emma was very well behaved.  I am thankful for them being so good.

Unfortunately - when one doesn't feel so great, one doesn't get much done so today we are playing catch up. Lots of chores, work, etc to catch up on today.  Not very motivated sadly...so I need to get it in gear!

General updates - Winston is a much better behaved piglet now that he has been neutered.  So now we are very focused on potty training since his need to mark things is gone with the neuter.  It's hit or miss but we are getting there.

Emma loves having the pig - she and Winston are best buds.  She has become a much better pup since he joined the family - she has someone to play with and hang out with and some of her neurotic behaviors have gone away.  Scratching on the carpet - almost non existent!!  Whoopie!!

Kitties are all doing well - they seem happy and engaged.  Same with the ferrets - they are all doing just great!  Finn is getting much better about the pig - Theo not so much...

All in all things here are good - I am feeling better and the critters are all fine....Happy Tuesday

Saturday, October 18, 2014

This Week in Pictures

A few snaps from this past week:

Miss Zoey laying on the island

Winston right after he got home from the vet after having surgery



Ollie and WInston

WInston letting me check his incision






My big, beautiful spider's big, beautiful web

Phoebe and Ollie

A crazy giant bipalium worm on my driveway - a new outdoor critter!  :)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Super Thursday...

Today was a good critter day -

First - my sweet piglet is almost 100% back.  We have a tiny bit of stinkiness left in the system and there were a few humping episodes and maybe a crabby pig a time or two today - but all in all - today was the best pig day we have had in awhile - maybe even since early September before humping started.  So happy he is feeling good.  The challenge today has been keeping him calm - he is frisky and desperate to play - I have had to check his incision 43 times because he insists on chasing Emma or jumping up on things - all the things the vet said he shouldn't do.  So far so good - he looks great and its obvious he is feeling great.

Emma is so happy to have her friend back - a friend who wants to play with her and not hump her. They have enjoyed each other's company all day.  She has been a pretty good girl today.

Kitties are all doing well - Oliver has been in on playtime with Emma and Winston.  Aggie, Zoey and Phoebe have been avoiding play time by sleeping in spots out of reach.  I think everyone is feeling good in the feline department.

The ferrets are great - I spent the morning with them doing cuddles and wrestles.  They are all happy and healthy and I am pleased with how they are doing.  In fact - as I type - I need to do the nightly switch where little Mr goes upstairs and the ferrets get freed for the evening.

Quite happy to have my sweet pig back - quite happy my other babies are doing well - all is great at the zoo!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

It's been an interesting day today.  Have you ever spent a day confined with a 15 week old piglet? Winston is feeling fine and not understanding why we are stuck in the bedroom.

His incision site looks great - he loves taking his pain medication - its liquid and grape flavored and he sits for it as if it was a cookie....  The hormones are causing a dual personality at the moment.  He swings wildly from angry piglet who is nippy and moderately humpy to a complete love bug who wants to lay in your lap and have cuddles.

There was a box of toys in the guest room that I gathered when I reorganized that room.  These are toys that little Mr. has not seen before so I brought them in for his amusement. It worked - he spent the afternoon exploring the toy box and playing.  Not sure what we will do for tomorrow....

I am concerned about letting him downstairs - first - the stairs could pose a problem and second - I am worried he will try to jump on the couch.  I think both of these could pop his stitches.  So - in the bedroom we will stay.

Tonight he put himself to bed - I just spent some time in his pen with him - luckily it was the lovey pig and not the angry pig that was present.  :)

Kitties, ferrets and pup are all doing well and trying to figure out if they want in or out the bedroom - I swear I opened and closed the door 176 times today.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Winston Is Home!!

I picked him up around 4 pm and he was just full of piss and vinegar.  His post op instructions were to be confined in a small space for the rest of today and then in  place where he is prevented from running, jumping or playing for 7 days.....its going to be a long week.

I had him in his pen - the one he uses for sleeping when I brought him home.  He was not content with that at all and was getting in all sorts of trouble so I booted everyone out and let him out into the bedroom.  He seemed more content with that.

His appetite is good and he doesn't appear to be in much pain.  His incision site looks good.  All in all he seems to be doing well.  As for behavior - he is much less humpy - not sure if that is because of the neuter or because it would hurt if he tried - either way I will take it.  He is still a bit stinky but that should clear up in the next few days as the hormones exit his system.

Emma was quite happy to see him and he was happy to find her in the car when we loaded up from the vet's office.  He is much calmer in the car when she is along for the ride.  Interestingly enough - Phoebe has decided that she can tolerate hanging out with the piglet now and spent the afternoon with us.  Not sure what caused that change or how long it will last.

I finally got him settled down in his bed after some lovies and some raisins.  I think he is happy to be home.  I am certainly happy he is home even if he is a bit cantankerous....

Monday, October 13, 2014

Midish Month Snaps - October

So let me start this post by warning you - I got a new camera - prepare for many pictures.  Secondly - I MISS MY PIG - he is definitely an integral part of our household now and we miss him.  I am looking forward to picking him up tomorrow and am busy trying not to worry about him...

So - on to the pictures.  First - today - Winston got a new bed - his old one was too small and the one he sleeps in at night is too big to lug to the vets office so I bought him a new one.  It took him all of about six seconds to try it out - I think he likes it.

I caught Mr Finn and Miss Madison sleeping in the dresser drawer.  Finn makes me laugh - he always sleeps with at least one toy - today it was the yellow ball:

Here are some cute Theo shots:

Some kitty shots:

A Violet shot:

An Emma shot:

And last but not least - a bed time shot of Winston - I miss him so much - I hope he is sleeping okay and isn't a scared little pig: