A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Too Long Since My Last Post

Holy heck it's been crazy busy around here lately.  Work is jam packed, life is jam packed, critters are keeping me busy... it's all good!  Crazy - but good none the less.

Since I have been slacking...looking back to September we had a great critter month.  Puppies turned 1.  Everyone's healthy and Violet is super stable!

I have two critter updates to share since October kicked off.  First, I made a small surgical modification to critter land. 

Tah dah!  It's a pass through for the ferrets from my office into the critter bedroom.  The kitties rarely used my office so they are content with just their "suite".  The ferrets have access to both rooms.  This means my hallway is free and clear!  Less to clean and less chance of critter jail breaks.

Speaking of jailbreaks...ugh.  I was in a full on panic last Monday when I couldn't find Theo anywhere.  I was convinced he had somehow gotten out and we had doors wide open the night before as we entertained.  I went to tell the hubs who knew immediately I was freaked.  He came to help me look.  After about 15 minutes of searching we found the little stinker in the top drawer of the bathroom vanity.  He crawled up the trash bag, onto the counter, into the barely open drawer which closed trapping him in.  Little white turd.  He was happy to be rescued and I was so relieved.  It's never more clear how much you love them until they are missing or sick.  He is perfectly fine, no worse for the wear.

The rest of the gang is doing fab!  We will have a house full of visitors this coming week so everyone will get lots of attention!!  I will try to post some fun snaps if nothing else.  Happy Friday!

Friday, September 29, 2017

Week in Review

How did another week go by?  Wow - time does just fly.

This past week has been pretty status quo in the critter department.  I will take it.  No news is good news in my book.

Winston has been a pretty good piglet this week.  He was quite happy today as the lawn guys did the aeration and he spent his day squishing dirt clods with his snout.  The puppies are all doing great.  They have been full of piss and vinegar this week - not being naughty per se but just rambunctious little monsters.  Emma is doing well - she has developed many old lady habits that make me a bit batty but she continues to do well.

The kitties are doing just great - they seem healthy and happy.  The little ferrets are all doing well too - Violet has been quite active playing and wresting every day this week.  Everyone else seems to be doing very well - they are all happy and engaged.

Critter room needs a good scrubbing - that will be my Saturday project.  This weekend is packed and then we move into full on prep for visitors the following week -

All in all the zoo is well - I will try to snap some pics this weekend....

Friday, September 22, 2017

Week In Review

It was a busy critter week - birthdays, glucose tests and a visitor....

Yes, my friends, that would be a snake in critter land.  UGH!  I am not a huge fan of snakes - not totally freaked out by them but not wanting one for the zoo.  This guy (maybe a girl but in my mind all snakes are boys for some reason) - a black snake - I think - was right by the door to the outside play space - I think that is how he got in as well.  Once I opened the door he slithered right out. There was no drama, he went slowly, not afraid.  The critters were totally uninterested in him - you would think cats and ferrets might care - they were sleeping and doing their thing - not a care in the world.  I believe he was a juvenile - not very big around - like the size of a magic marker - certainly not big enough to munch on any of my babies.  He was quite long though - I would guess he was a foot and a half long in total.  I was kind of creeped out the night it happened - hubs was out of town.  There were several trips to critter land, Winston's room, closets, etc doing snake checks.  I found nothing to indicate that there were any other snakes present.  I looked for him the next morning - no signs of a snake anywhere in the backyard so the pups and the pig were good to go outside.

Violet continues to do so well - we have been on this same dose of medication for almost 5 months now.  Knock on wood she will continue this pattern.

Puppies first birthday came and went.  As I type this they are laying on the bed with me being good dogs.  Emma is snoring on the bedroom floor - LOL.

Piglet is in his room - he has had his dinner and is playing with a new piece of paper - tearing it up so its just right in his bed.  Silly pig.

All in all, it has been a good week for the zoo!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Happy First Birthday Puppies!!

Can you believe that Tango, Charli and Juliett are one year old today??  Holy Moly!!  We got them when they were about 10 weeks old - their gotcha day will come up in December.

Today we have done a few special things.  Each puppy (and Emma and Winston) got a birthday cupcake.  Tango got to wear his birthday bandana and the girls had their birthday shirts - Charli did way better with the shirt than Juliett.  They each got two new toys as well

Tonight they will get a special dinner and special treats when they go to bed.  As I type this they are outside playing - chasing each other around the backyard. They seem like happy and healthy little pups (little  - haha) and they are all three progressing with their training.  Leash training is next on the docket - wish us luck.





Emma and Winston enjoying their birthday cupcakes:

New toys:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Week in Review

Wowser!  How are we already halfway through the month of September??  Cripes!  This week was a good one with the critters.  We have gotten back to a really good routine where everyone seems pretty content.

Let's start with the puppies.  I feel like even though I am not spending nearly enough time on training we have kind of turned a corner with them.  We have gone several weeks with no accidents and with no destruction of human owned objects.  I can't say the same for dog toys - many have found their demise but that's why we buy them.  I have left the puppies uncrated several times while I run a quick errand - usually 20 - 30 minutes - and they have been perfect little pups not getting into any mischief. They are doing really well in their crates.  They go right in without being told and there is only a tiny bit of complaining by Charli and that is only some of the time.

Emma is doing just fine - she is getting a little slow about getting up when she has been laying down for a long period.  Once she is up and going - she runs like the wind.  She is still a very active dog.  I need to order her some joint supplements I think.  Her appetite is good and she is very engaged even though her hearing is going/gone.

Piggers is doing well.  He has been pretty well behaved this week.  No challenging behavior like swiping to report.  He has enjoyed a good bit of outside time and seems to be quite happy.  We got several boxes from Amazon that had packing paper so he has been busy nesting.  Gosh - that pig loves paper!

Critterland critters are all doing great!

Kitties are well - Oliver is holding his weight with the adjustment of his meds for thyroid.  Aggie is loving her kidney care cat food and Phoebe is just a happy go lucky cat.  They played outside today in the outside play space.

Little ferrets are all just fantastic.  Violet seems great - I am determined to get her glucose test done this weekend.  The boys - Kai, Theo and Bash are all very well - ornery as ever.  Fiona, Tabitha and Madison are all great too - very interactive.  They have been getting gravy (ferret food with warm water) in the morning and evenings - it's a great way to keep tabs on everyone's appetite levels and I like to see everyone eating something twice a day since they are all free feeders and they all eat at different times.  All in all the business (did you know that is what they call a group of ferrets?) is doing quite well.

Last thing to report - we have a lizard that is living in our living room.  Not sure how he got in but I have tried to catch him to put him out and it hasn't worked.  I have been leaving the door open a lizard width so he can find his way out - but no luck so far.  I put down food and dead bugs for him - evidently he likes it because the water is gone and so are the bugs.  I would really like for him to find his way out.  I don't think he hates it too much inside - I saw him sleeping in the sun on the living room carpet this morning....geez.  He is a blue tailed skink - very cute - but he would be better off in the great outdoors....

Life at the zoo is really good - too busy - but good!  The trainer comes tomorrow for the puppies. Next week the puppies will turn one year old - holy moly time goes by fast!  Then it will be Halloween and the holidays and poof - this year will be over....

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

In General

Well, there is not much new and exciting to report at the zoo - which is not exactly a bad thing.  I like the status quo because it means everyone is happy and healthy.

The littlest critters seem like they are doing quite well.  I had a bad ferret mommy moment yesterday when I did things out of order and actually missed giving Violet a dose of her medication.  I haven't missed one since she started so it freaked me out when I realized what had happened.  Luckily it didn't seem to affect her and she was happy and active when I went to check in on her in the evening. Whew!  I still need to test her glucose levels - she requires at least 3 hours of fasting prior to the test - I will try to get it done this week as I need to order a  refill of her medication.  Kitties are doing well - Aggie loves her kidney friendly canned food.  Oliver seems to be holding his own on the weight front and Phoebe is just my go with the flow kitty.

Pig and pups are all good.  They spent a good bit of time indoors today.  We had a repair person here and there was a long period of rain so they were indoors a lot.  The puppies and Emma were quite well behaved.  Winston was too - he hates the rain so I made sure that I gave him some extra cuddles and covered him up with a soft blanket for his nap.

All in all things here are going pretty well.  Since we are east coast we are keeping an eye on Irma and making the appropriate preparations.  I stocked up on critter food today and we will ziploc and freeze extra water so we make sure that the fur children have plenty should the storm cause issues. Thankfully I don't think we will need to evacuate... I hate to think of all the critters that have been and will be impacted by the storm - no matter where it ends up going...its a doozy.  If you are anywhere in its path I hope you and your family - human and critter  - stay safe and that your lives are only minimally disrupted with Mother Nature's craziness....

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Catching Up

Wow - it has been forever since I blogged.  Things have been so busy for both the humans and the critters!

Let's take a look back at August.  Geez - I can't believe it has already passed.  August had dog trainers, blood sugar scares and a new spider.

  • In regards to dog training - the puppies are doing well.  It would be lovely if I could find some more time to spend with them on training.  They respond well and love to please but carving out the patience and the time is challenging.
  • Violet had a bit of a blood sugar scare early in the month.  Since then she is doing just great. She is scheduled for her next glucose test this week.  Fingers crossed but I think she is doing well.
  • Beatrice the garden spider has relocated.  I am happy and sad.  She was in a very unsafe spot so I am glad she moved and now her web is more protected from the weather and birds and such. I don't get to see her every day but that's okay I guess.
All in all August was a pretty good critter month.  Critters are all happy and healthy!  I will take it.

Looking forward to September....I think it's more of the same.  I need to get my act in gear as the trainer is supposed to come back on the 16th - I need to make more progress with the puppies before she comes.  I need to schedule an appointment for Madison - she needs the implant for her adrenal disease updated soon.  We have lots happening in the month of October so I have to plan out some prep work so I don't get to the end of the month and then start the fire drill....I am good at that!  :)

Maybe September will be a better month for blogging...ugh....