A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, July 27, 2015

One Year

I can't believe it's been one year today since we lost our sweet Clooney.  Then again - in some ways it feels like forever since I saw his handsome and sweet face.

Clooney was my first ferret - he was patient and gentle and sweet and he is the reason we have eight now - I fell in love with those little weasels because of him.  Clooney was an only ferret for a long time - then Madison came into the picture and then Vi, Finn and Theo.  Theo and Clooney finally became friends and at the end of his life he was the center of attention from his little ferret family.

I take comfort in the fact that he had a long and lovely life that was filled with happy and healthy days right up until the end.  I miss him so much - I think of him every day.  I know he is playing with Finn, Isabel and Nigel at the rainbow bridge.

As a baby

With his brothers - Finn on the left and Theo on top - I love that he made ferret friends

With his favorite toy - his sacred cow 
In his ball pit

Handsome little devil

Playing on the porch - curled up in the watering can

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Superhero Kai Saves the Day

The ferrets and the pig really hate it when I have something on me that shouldn't be - for instance, a bandaid, a blister or cut, a new piece of jewelry...they will try everything to get whatever that is off. Sometimes it can be painful - a blister or scab getting ripped off by a pig can hurt.

Anyway -  today I was taking a relaxing bubble bath before getting ready to head out to dinner.  I decided it would be nice to do a facial mask so I grabbed one - a cucumber sheet mask.  Basically you take a piece of material out of a pouch and unfold it and put it on your face.  There are pre cut eye, nose and mouth holes....

I get it out and get it put on and then relax - eyes closed - waiting my 10 - 12 minutes - or so I thought. About 8 minutes in Kai decided to get up on the side of the tub and then proceeded to grab the mask in his mouth and yank it off my face - saving me from whatever it was that was suffocating me....geez...

He plopped it right into the bath water and then was quite proud of himself for defeating the cotton monster that had attacked his mommy.  So much for relaxing....

I do love those crazy critters....

Friday, July 24, 2015

Too Much On the Plate

The last few weeks have been crazy around here which has resulted in less time to photograph and write about the furries.

They are all well - doing their thing and being patient with me being busy and/or gone a good bit.  Winston is in a mood this morning - naughty with a capital N.  I finally put him out on the deck to get a break.  Harlow is well - out and about this morning doing her thing.  Her weight is fluctuating a bit but her general health and energy levels seem good.  I am feeding her often and her appetite is great - she eats whenever food is offered.

Kitties are fine - doing their thing and same goes for the ferrets - they are all doing just great and are entertaining each other since I have been so swamped.  Emma is doing well too - not too happy with the rounds of thunder storms that roll through but other than that a pretty content pup.

I am hoping that once this week and next are done things in our world will calm down a bit and I will have more time for regular snaps and blogs....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


One word - rambunctious - describes everyone today.  Holy heck.  Winston was a crazy pig til I took him outside and chased him around the yard (and the neighbors yard too).  Emma had a quick walk to burn off some of her energy.  It's stormy tonight so she is in her under the bed hiding spot.

Harlow was feisty all day today.  She is doing well - weight is stable and she is eating both the wet and dry food.  No complaints with her at all.  The kitties are all in rare form as well.  Phoebe and Oliver causing mischief as usual.  Zoey was upstairs sleeping in the bathroom sink when I got up this morning.  Aggie is her same self - although - she was quite insistent that I share my lunch with her - sometimes she can be quite pushy.

As for the weasels - wowser - they are WILD tonight!  I am trying to wear them out so I can get some rest once its time for bed.

The good thing about rambunctious is that it means they are feeling good which makes me happy. Love this crazy bunch of critters!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Catching Up - the Latest and Greatest

What a wild and crazy week last week was....

It was quite a busy work week as I was out of the house for 2 full days.  My critters are spoiled by my working from home so its tough on them - especially the pig and the pup.  Winston and Emma both did well - they were well behaved and did not get into mischief.

Harlow had a good week - a quick dip in weight but she got right back on track so I think it was related to me not feeding her gravy often enough.  We are all good again and she is doing fantastic!

The boys - Theo, Kai and Bash are wild as ever but they seem to be feeling good.  Theo had an upset tummy but it quickly passed and they are all doing well.  The girls - Tabby, Violet, Maddie, and Fiona are all fantastic - they have been playful and full of energy.

Kitties are all well - Ollie and Phoebe are full of naughtiness - knocking things off the counters and generally causing trouble.  Zoey was having a tough time shedding her winter coat so we did some aggressive brushing to get all that excess hair and some tangles out.  She looks and I am guessing that she feels much better.  Aggie is doing her thing - such a sweet - go with the flow girl.

We had a bit of a scare today with Emma - we went for a walk and our sweet girl got so over heated that we had to stop - she physically couldn't go any further.  We got her into the shade in a nice grassy area and I ran to the store across the parking lot and bought cold bottled water.  After a big drink and a couple of bottles of water poured over her to cool her down she was much better.  We took it slow for the rest of the way home and once inside - more water, some food and some time under a cool towel she was back to normal.  She has eaten and gone potty normally this evening.  She is resting under the bed as we had a thunder storm a bit ago.  I think we will have to modify our walks with her - maybe a shorter route and then back to the house to drop her off.  She scared me today and I hate the thought of her slowing down.

All in all - it was a whacky week but it was good.  Hoping that next week is a bit calmer....

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stories of the Day

There is not too much to share today really - the humans had a busy work day today and as a result the critters had to entertain themselves.

Kitties are all doing well - Zoey is shedding like crazy so its furry downstairs.  Aggie is my go with the flow girl - she spent some lap time with me this morning.  Oliver and Phoebe are hanging upstairs with us tonight - begging for people food.

Emma had a rough start to her day - we had quite the thunderstorm move through around 4 am.  She hid under the bed and didn't come out til almost 11.  The rest of her day was better - a short walk, lots of trips outside, playtime with Winston, cookies and now she is snoozing in the bedroom with us.

The ferrets are all doing well.  As I type the wild boys are up - Kai, Theo and Bash.  They have been playing and racing through their tunnel.  Madison and Violet are playing in the covers of our bed and Fiona and Tabby are wrestling in the bathtub.  I will give them their evening gravy in a bit.  Harlow is doing fantastic - after  busy day breaking out of her cage and taking flying leaps off the furniture she is snoozing - I need to head downstairs to give her some gravy and her medication.

And last but not least - Mr. Winston - days like today are tough on him - its hard for a piglet to be good while I talk on the phone for 6 hours of conference calls.  He had some outside time, cookies, lots of trips outside for potties and grass munching and lots of cookies.  Right now he is snoozing in his bed - he will get lovies and cookies when I go down to take care of Harlow and the kitties.

All in all an okay day - tomorrow is crazy busy again - so they will have more of the same - poor critters.....

Friday, July 10, 2015

Christmas (Stockings) in July

Each of my critters has their own Christmas stocking and they get toys and treats in there each year. Since last year we have added Bash and Fiona to our little mix so I ordered their stocking.  BTW - I found that ordering stockings in June is super cheap compared to ordering them in November.

These stockings are super cute and the strings of lights actually light up.  Can't wait to see them on my mantle in a few months.  In case you were wondering about what the other critter stockings look like - here are some links to previous posts:




A couple of pics of Winston's stocking with the pin on it....