A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Month In Review

End of March already - it doesn't seem possible.  So first - Happy Easter!!

March was an exciting critter month as we doubled the ferret population in our little zoo with the addition of Finnegan and Violet.

We have had the babies for a week and a day and they seem to be settling in just fine.  Finnegan is the adventurer - he likes to go downstairs and check things out.  Violet is more reserved and afraid of the stairs.  Finn has a bit of trouble with them as well - going down sometimes like a slinky - head, butt, head butt.

They both seem quite healthy - full of energy, eating and playing.  Having them both makes the pretty low maintenance as they do entertain each other.  Madison seems to like the little one's and while she is still trying to establish dominance she does spend quite a bit of time each day playing with them.  A game of tag with Finn and wrestling on the bed with Violet are her favorites.  Clooney doesn't seem to have much interest in them and pretty much goes about his days in much the same ways he did before they showed up.

Emma had her 10th birthday in March - I so can't believe that - 10 years old.  Cripes.  She is doing great - going strong and causing trouble.  She likes the new babies and has taken it upon herself to be their guardian.

The kitties had a good month - only a few minor hairballs to report.  Other than that everyone seems pretty happy and healthy.  Zoey is still obsessed with the kitchen counters.  Oliver continues to cause trouble - he is an ornery one....  Aggie is doing great - hanging out with me alot and not too upset about the babies and Miss Phoebe seems to be fantastic - she is pretty tolerant of the ferrets so they do try to play with her at times.

Little Nigel has enjoyed several nights out of his cage running about our room.  I figure since I have the babies enclosed with the baby gate he may as well get some out and about time too.  He loves it.  He doesn't not seem to be particularly afraid of the babies which is nice.  They aren't quite sure of him - what he is and how to engage him so those interactions are kind of fun to watch.

All in all - March has been a great month - ready for consistently warmer weather - come on spring!!!  :)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Critter Snaps

Here they are - the end of March critter snaps....Enjoy:

Friday, March 29, 2013

10 Years Old This Week... Happy Birthday Emma!!

I cannot believe my pup is 10 years old this week!!  It seems like only yesterday we were in puppy mode and now she is all grown up and living in our crazy zoo.

I am fortunate in so many ways with Emma - she is so great with all the other critters.  She watches over them, lets them crawl all over her, shares her treats and toys and in general loves her furry siblings.  She has an especially strong bond with Oliver - its not unusual to see the two of the grooming each other.  She is not a demanding dog at all - she is totally go with the flow.  She doesn't wake us in the mornings, she is happy to go wherever so long as she is with you and she is content just to nap on the bed during conference calls or whatever else is happening.  She is not a destructive dog either - never has been a chewer so for that I am thankful.

Emma does have her share of oddities - she is still so noise averse that Fourth of July and thunder about put her over the top.  She does experience a bit of separation anxiety at times.  She is a goof about hardwood floors and will stand on the carpet and whine until you put down a rug or a towel for her to walk on.  In the big picture of funky things to have to deal with - I think I got off pretty darn easy.

So - happy birthday my sweet sweet pup - we love you!  Here's to 10 more years....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Introducing Violet

Our sweet baby girl - she is something else.  In the few days we have had her - this is what I have learned.

Violet is confident, somewhat fearless and she seems to be a pretty happy little girl.  She loves to play.  She loves to eat - wow - talk about an appetite.  She loves to sleep and she sleeps so soundly you can relocate her and she doesn't even stir.  She loves her brother Finn.

She seemed to make the adjustment from the pet store to her new home a bit easier than Finn did.  She is fearless of any of the critters and often tortures the dog by pulling on her scarf or chasing her tail.  Emma tolerates for a bit and then gives up and gets on the bed where it is baby ferret free for the time being.

She is a pretty gentle girl - we haven't had to work on biting yet.  I don't think teething is bothering her quite as much as her brother.  She is not as outwardly affectionate as Finn but does love to be held while she sleeps and given pets as she wakes up.  In some ways she does remind me a tiny bit of Agatha - a bit of an observer.  We will see how it goes as she settles in more and more over the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Introducing Finnegan

Finn - our new baby boy.  What can I tell you about him - what things have I learned in the few days since he came into our lives?  His first day or so here he was a bit shy - maybe even a bit fearful.  He is a small boy - smaller than Violet, smaller than many of the ferrets from his litter.  I think maybe he was picked on or treated as the runt.  As he has grown more accustomed to his surroundings he has become much more confident - playing like crazy - he is really settling in.

He loves toys and at first he was very possessive - he threw a fit if you came anywhere near him or the toy.  We have been working on that.  I started by gathering up a bunch of toys I thought he might like - trying to show him that there are more toys here than he could possibly play with.  He loved that and checked them all out.  We also practiced getting pets while playing with his toy and us playing with his toy together.  Seems like he has calmed down a bit.

He had me worried when we first got him as he didn't eat for several hours.  He did finally start eating - he seems to like the cat food more than the ferret food.  I am not surprised by this and Clooney and Madison both love cat food and hate ferret food.  He seems to be eating regularly and doing well healthwise.

When we first brought him home he is a wiggly sleeper - sometimes he would wake up like he was in a panic but once you reassure him its  okay he goes right back to sleep.  He likes to sleep on his back - its very cute.   I am happy to see him sleeping much better and more soundly - the panic issues seem to have gone away - maybe they were associated with being unsettled in his new digs.

He loves his sister Violet - the two of them are inseparable.  The are adorable when the play together and so sweet when they sleep together.  I think he might be a vocal ferret - similar to Madison.  We will have to see.  For now I am thrilled he is here....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What color is my ferret?

There are several different color variations for ferrets:

If I had to choose I would say our ferret babies are as follows:

Clooney is a Sable Mask:

Madison is a Chocolate:

Finn is a Sable Mitt:

And Miss Violet is a Panda: