A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Month in Review

I almost didn't write this because I am in total denial that we moving in September.  U G H where did this year go?

August was a busy critter month.  The big news was the total unexpected addition to our menagerie - Mr. Theo...he is still a wild child but I am pretty sure he is going to evolve into a sweet and affectionate boy - I see all the signs.  He has made us his family - it was a quick and painless evolution to him becoming one of the pack.  I am so glad he has come to live with us.

The other big happening was the humans taking a bit of a vacation.  This meant Emma got to go to grandma's for a week and the other critters got to have the pet sitter come to take care of them.  Everyone did just great and it was pretty stress free travel for me knowing that they were looked in on 2 x a day.

Business Update:

In case you missed my post about what you call groups of critters - a group of ferrets is called a business. We talked about Theo already.  Clooney is doing just great - his health continues to thrive which makes me happy as he gets closer and closer to that designation of senior ferret.  Madison - my wee one - is super. She is happy to play with those crazy babies but she also retreats into Nigel's room.  It's like the safe zone for both her and Clooney away from the babies.  Violet is great - she is still my independent girl but she is engaging more and more with the humans.  She is liking being picked up and loved on and she loves a good wrestle every now and then.  Finn is thrilled to have his new BFF Theo around.  I think he really loves having a rough and tumble boy to hang out with.  Those two play hard and rough and they are pretty much always together.  All in all the ferrets are doing just great.  No signs of any health problems thankfully.  I love those little furries!!  :)

Intrigue Update:

Yep - a bunch of cats together is called an intrigue.  I think that is kinda fitting somehow.  Kitty world here is pretty uneventful.  Ollie and Zoey both are doing well on their medication.  Zoey is quite snitty about letting you apply the gel to her ear but its getting a little better I think.  Phoebe seems to be doing well - she likes Theo and the two of them play chase often.  Aggie is also doing well - she is my easy going kitty - fighting with Phoebe and fighting off Oliver.  She is curled up next to me as I type this.  Love my little kitty intrigue - will get Aggie and Phoebe into the vet - likely when Theo gets on the insurance policy in about 6 weeks.

Dog and Hog Update:

One pup does not make a pack.  One hedgie does not make an array.  So - we will go with the dog and the hog update.  Emma is doing well - she seems to be a pretty happy girl.  She is still scratching on the carpet - ugh - but other than that is a good girl.  We have been walking a bit more since the oven/monsoon combo seems to have stopped.  Nigel is my happy little hedgehog - he is so go with the flow - happy wherever you put him down to snooze.  He likes Finn but not so much the other ferrets - not sure why.  He thinks Theo is a spaz and he would be right.  We have done bath/mani/pedi in the last week - he likes the bath part - not so much on the mani/pedi but he is a good boy and tries to be cooperative.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Blue Cup Obsession

We got a water machine a few days ago.  Our city water isn't all that great and I was tired of recycling a zillion water bottles so the water machine was ordered and delivered.  An interesting phenomenon has happened with the ferrets - they are obsessed with getting a drink.  Whenever I got to the machine to fill my blue cup they stand at my feet begging for a drink.  Not sure if its the cold water, the blue cup, the excitement of drinking from a cup....whatever it is - all five ferrets want a drink.  They have their own cup now - that sits on top of the machine.  Whenever I refill I put some water in their cup and hold it for them to drink out of.  There is drinking, splashing, scratching and dunking of the whole head into the water....silly critters.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

20 random critter related thoughts....

Here it is - a sampling of the critter related things that roll around in my head all day:

1.  I am addicted to zoo cams now.
2.  I adore my baby girl tapir at the Minnesota Zoo - see item #1
3.  I think pandas are cute but I am not obsessed with them like I am with the tapir - that being said - I am enjoying the panda cam and the videos that the Smithsonian zoo are putting up on YouTube
4.  I should be banned from YouTube - all those crazy videos with people who have wild pets like meercats and kangaroos just put dangerous thoughts in my head.
5.  I need to pick up a bag of dog food.
6.  With 11 critters in your house the vacuum and the carpet shampooer get quite a workout.
7.  Seriously need to scoop the cat boxes - seriously not looking forward to it....ugh.
8.  Why do you think Nigel the hedgehog likes Finn the ferret but doesn't really like any of the others??
9.  I can't wait to have space for pygmy goats and teacup piggies.
10.  We have had Theo for almost 2 weeks - its like he has been here forever - and...no signs of the dreaded ECE virus - knock on wood.
11.  I wish Zoey would get over being snitty about getting medicine on her ear - what a drama queen.
12.  Violet is getting very good about being picked up and held - I love to cuddle with her.
13.  Clooney is still loving his baby bed being accessible downstairs - he is spending the mornings snoozing in our bed - the mid day nap in the baby bed and the afternoons and evenings in his chair in Nigel's room.
14.  I am very thankful that I figured out that the canvas pad that goes under the playpen for the hedgehog and ferrets does just fine when you stick it in the washer - way better than trying to clean it all up with a hose.
15.  Emma has a really loud toy that squeaks and if you want to find the ferrets (at least the boys anyway) just give it a squeeze - they will come running!
16.  Finn has decided that leaping from the cat tree to the garbage is fun and exciting - I spent a bit of time today moving things around and making the trash can a non ferret accessible zone.
17.  I found the Christmas card I was thinking of using but then Theo moved in - not sure I will be able to find one with 11 spots....
18.  I need to get busy on stockings - I have three that need to be designed and sewn.
19.  My husband really does deserve an award - maybe I should create one called a Noah - we can give it out to worthy spouses who support critter lovers.
20.  I need to fill up the hummingbird feeder - again - they drained it in just about 5 days.  They are abundant this year!  Love it!

Its kind of frightening and random I know....

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What do you call a group of ....

So - in the future - maybe I should be giving business updates and intrigue statuses:

Perhaps on my someday list I will give updates on a drift of tiny piggies, a drove of sheep and a tribe of pygmy goats.  I don't think that my 1 dairy cow would account for a drove or a herd.  Not on the list above but part of the plan would include a clutch of chicks as well....  :)  Not sure where they come up with these names...my favorite might be a prickle of porcupines -- that makes me smile!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Theo Update

Oh Theo - you fit right in....part of the family already.  Instead of the three musketeers (Maddie, Finn and Violet) you guys are now the Fab Four.  Clooney wants no part of your shenanigans.  :)  Can you blame him?

So - when Theo first came home with us - about a week ago - he was WILD.  Really - WILD - I promise. He had had limited exposure to humans and didn't quite know what to make of being picked up and loved on.  He was a total biter - really hard biter - ouch.  Finn was the same way and now he is my gentle boy.  I have great hopes for the Theo boy.

Over the last week Theo has started to learn his name, he is learning the command "gentle" as the ferrets are allowed to bite when they play but only softly and gently.  Clooney and Madison don't even bother anymore and Finn and Violet are both very gentle.  Theo has done well in learning and he listens pretty well actually.

The other thing that has changed - he is kinda liking getting loved on.  When he first wakes up he likes to be picked up and get pets and kisses.  He is quite affectionate...he kisses your face with much exuberance!  Here are some snaps of he and Finn playing - Finn loves having a rough and tumble boy around instead of playing nicely with his sisters...

Monday, August 26, 2013

Hubby's Ultimate Sacrifice - NC Zoo

Oh my - the hubs is a good sport - last week 2 Canada zoos and this weekend a visit to our home zoo.  The weather was spectacular and we were looking to get out and get some fresh air and exercise so it was perfect!

Its quite a walking zoo - I think we logged about 14000 steps - or about 5.4 miles.  Lots of cute critters - baby giraffe, year old gorillas...  It was quite an enjoyable day.  Here are some snaps: