A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from my wide retriever - please notice her very scary football:

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nigel Snaps

Little boy Nigel is doing so well.  He seems to be a pretty happy little dude.  He loves his new super soft blanket and bed and has been spending lots of time outside the cage.  Here are some recent snaps:

Monday, October 28, 2013

October Month In Review

I know I say it every time I write one of these month in review posts - but how has another month flown by? November is right around the corner, holidays, craziness, end of year....ugh!

The critters had a pretty good month in October.  Healthwise everyone seems to be doing really well.  Aggie was under the weather the last day off September - but since then - knock on wood - everyone is doing fantastic in that department.

We tried lots of new pet products this last month.  The ferret probiotics and hydration products are keepers - very happy with both.  The Furo-vite - its hit or miss with that.  Some days the ferrets like it and some days they have no interest.  We tried a new conditioning spray for the ferrets - its from Marshall and has tea tree oil in it.  I am quite impressed with that one as well - the ferrets hate getting sprayed but once I rub it in they get all excited and jump around like freaks.  It does make their skin and coat really nice and it seems to help deter the fleas which we seem to be battling still.  Its not a large infestation - just the onsie, twosie here and there.  I also got a natural flea spray for the kitties and the dog - it has spearmint oil and seems to do the trick.  Kitties are not a fan of being sprayed either.

This month the baby gates came down as well so the ferrets have access to all the upstairs rooms except for the man cave.  The love exploring new spots and the baby ferrets like sleeping in the guest room for some reason.

Emma has had lots of outside time lately as we have enjoyed the fall weather and have been hiking every weekend.  She is doing well off the leash and enjoying exploring the great outdoors.

October was good - November should be crazy filled with holiday stuff, decorating, etc.  Should be interesting - it will be the babies' first Christmas (Violet, Finnegan and Theo).  This year truly has whizzed by...where does the time go?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Phoebe Kitty

My blue eyed baby - she is such a sweet girl.  She seems to be doing just great.  She is due for a vet visit - that will happen in the next couple of weeks - she will go with Theo and Aggie.  As always - she is playing and chatting with her toys, hanging out with Ollie and sticking close to her humans....  love that pretty girl:

Saturday, October 26, 2013


My handsome eldest ferret.  Oh how I adore that little boy:

Friday, October 25, 2013

Ollie Snaps

Oliver is quite the ham - he likes getting his picture taken.  He is by far the easiest of the kitties to photograph.  I got some good ones of him lounging in the sun in the kitchen:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Daredevil Nigel

I had Nigel out of his cage all day - napping in his favorite cubby on the cat tree.  About 7:30 I went up to get him to put him to bed in his cage thinking he might be hungry.  He greeted me at the bedroom door. Crazy little daredevil made it off the cat tree by himself.  He has done this before so I wasn't totally surprised but wow - it must be close to 4 feet high.

I have never witnessed him exiting the tree but I have read that the easiest and most natural way down for a hedgie is to curl up in a ball and free fall.  It makes me feel better to think the takes the ramps down as far as he can go and then does that...yeah...let's go with that.

He was no worse for the wear - happy and running around.  He had a big drink and a snack of cat food and dog food and headed back into the bedroom for more adventures.  I put the baby gate up so he only has access to our room and the hallway.  He loves a night out now and then....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ferret Hoarders

Maybe I should start my own TV show - ferret hoarders.  Good golly these babies like to find things, steal them and hide them.

Clooney has kind of out grown his need to hoard - although he does strategically place his sacred cow now and then.  Maddie was never much of a hoarder with the exception of pens - that girl loves pens....but the babies - oh my!!

Finn - he likes toys - big dog toys, little cat toys, things that aren't really even toys.  For instance - I bought two mop heads the other day - he stole them out of the bag and I cannot find either one of them anywhere.

Violet - she likes plastic or rubber items - pieces and parts of things.  She also likes pens.  One of her other favorites - the inserts in your shoes - if they aren't really really glued down - kiss them goodbye.

Theo - he likes all sorts of stuff.  He brought me a package of wine corks today.  He also likes toys, things that make noise, and he is the worst offender of grocery hoarding - bread, pitas, oranges, mushrooms - just to name a few.

They have several stash areas - and they move their stashes around so you can't find them....silly weasels....

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crazy Tuesday

Ever have one of those days?  Ugh - today has been one of those days.  I have been busy all day - chores, critter chores, work - its just been a nutty day.

On the critter front - Nigel had a shower and a mani/pedi.  Theo and Maddie also had mani/pedis - wow - toenails were outta control around here.  The boy ferrets have been wild - finding some trouble.  Theo figured out how to get in the downstairs garbage - joy - its been relocated.  Finnegan found his way into the bowels of the sofa which he thought was much fun.  The girl ferrets spent some time under the covers wrestling and chatting this afternoon.  Clooney has been in cuddle mode today - snoozing close by.  Kitties are all doing well - snoozing and bathing for the bulk of the day.  Emma was a good girl today - only minor carpet scratching infractions.

The furries didn't get much time today - it was a crazy work day.  Tomorrow has to be better...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Aggie Update

Aggie - she is doing fantastic.  I was a bit worried a couple of weeks ago when she didn't feel all that great for a couple of days - but I think it was just a stubborn hairball after all because she is doing really well.  She will be going to the vet in a few weeks - along with Theo and if I have the will - Zoey (ugh - so terrible to get her to the vet and deal with her at the vet).

Aggie has been pretty social - she hangs out with me most of the day.  She loves Zoey, tolerates Ollie - could do without Phoebe.  She also tolerates the ferrets - prefers Violet out of the bunch.  She is a quirky kitty.  She hates being picked up and is a moocher for people food which she used to turn her nose up to.

All in all - very please with how Miss Agatha is doing.  Love that old girl....

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Boy Weasels

My three boy weasels - I captured some snaps of them over the last few days.  Finn is great - happy and sweet and adorable as ever.  Theo is turning into quite the love bug and seems to be doing fantastic. His coloring is changing and he is quite handsome.  The cutie pie Mr. Clooney is quite engaged with the humans - spending tons of time with us which I love and he is not feeling the need to bully the little ferrets quite so much.  The boys are all good!!!

Finn - whenever you get out the camera he runs towards it to see what it is

Clooney sleeping in the toy box

Finn playing in a basket

Theo playing in the tub

Theo playing in the tub

Clooney sleeping in his bed - legs pointed straight out

Finn playing on our bed

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Baby Tapir Update

"My" baby tapir is getting so big!  Her colors are starting to change and she has a name - Amirah!  She is seriously too cute!!  I so enjoy watching her on the webcam and threaten the hubs often that a long weekend in Minnesota is in our future so I can go and visit her in person....

All the pictures are from the Minnesota Zoo's Facebook page.  If you haven't liked it - you should - they post lots of cute critters in addition to Amirah the princess tapir.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Violet Snaps

Little Miss Violet has been very camera friendly the last couple of days.  I love getting good snaps of her as she is such a pretty girl.  She is doing quite well - happy and healthy:

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clooney Loves Velcro

Clooney loves velcro - I mean it - he really loves it.  When Nigel's new blanket was unwrapped I found it was held together with with a strap with velcro on the ends -- woohoo - new toy for Clooney: