A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Bed Cleanout = Piglet Nervous Breakdown...

Oh good lord - I just cleaned out Winston's bed, much to his dismay and disappointment.  I found all sorts of goodies in there - missing socks, one of my favorite t-shirts, part of the puppy Halloween costumes, etc. 

I try to do these chores while he is outdoors but it has been cold and with his eye thing he hasn't wanted to stay outside for long and I really wanted to get this one off my list of to-dos.  So - he tried everything he could think of, crying, blocking the door, attacking the broom, laying on the ripped up paper so I couldn't move it, stealing the garbage bag I was putting the paper in, making a hole in the bag to let the paper be free in his bed again....geez.

At last, I got the task done and got the first of his three loads of laundry out of the dryer.  This appeased him somewhat as he loves it when I do his laundry, especially if I use fabric softener.  I gave him two new pieces of brown paper and he is happily rebuilding his nest as I type...spoiled pig!!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Piggy Squinty Eye

Usually, it's the kitty (Ollie) who suffers from the very technical squinty eye.  The last few days it has been the piglet who is experiencing eye discomfort.  It's hard to tell if it is something that got in his eye, or if it is a result of his seasonal allergies, but either way, he has been a bit uncomfortable.

He is good about letting me futz with him so long as he gets to check everything out before you do anything.  For instance - when I flush his eye he has to check out the syringe, put it in his mouth, smell it, etc.  I did flush his eye several times but it didn't seem to be doing much so I decided to use the veterinary eye ointment I have for the kitty.  I called the piggy vet and got approval and then let Winston check out the tube and smell the stuff before I stuck it in his eye.  It's working on two fronts - first, it is decreasing the swelling of the lids of his eyes which is great and second it is soothing his eyeball which he seems quite relieved about.

I will say I am quite fortunate that he is a willing patient.  Last night he let me pry his eye open with my fingers and make sure there was nothing in there.  I wanted to be sure there was not a foreign body and I also wanted to make sure that the swelling was not causing his eyelashes to rub against his eye.  He let me put the ointment on a q tip and put it on his eye as well - he is a very tolerant boy.

Today his eye is looking much better - still red, still swollen but he is able to open it a bit and I don't think it is hurting him at all.  Through all of his eye issues he has been fever free, had a great appetite and has been very active so I don't think he is ill - I think it is confined just to the eye.

As I type he has gone outside to explore and graze....hopefully he will be back to 100% in a couple of days.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Happy Gotcha Day

Oh my goodness - one year ago today we brought these three crazy munchkins into our world:

Tango, Charli and Juliett have turned our world upside down and we wouldn't have it any other way.  They have turned into giant, lovely, sweet, unruly babies that we adore.  It's hard to remember what our pre puppy world was like....




And - here they are now - big, beautiful babies:

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Tango on the left, Charli in the middle and Juliett on the right

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Puppy Coats

It was chilly this morning so I put the puppies in their coats when they went outside.  Aren't they cute?

Charli (closest), Tango (middle), Juliett


Tango and Charli

Charli and Juliett


Charli and Juliett

Tango and Charli

So - it's a good thing I took a few photos for posterity's sake - because about 5 minutes later Tango, Charli, and Juliett were sans coats.  Only Charli's survived - Tango and Juliett's were both in several pieces in the yard.  Emma was good and came inside and waited for me to take hers off.  Crazy puppies.  I guess they will be cold from now on - little turds...  :)

Monday, November 06, 2017

Happy Birthday Miss Madison

How is it possible that this little girl is 6 years old today??  It's officially her golden birthday - and she is doing just great.  Her health is fantastic.  No signs of the adrenal disease - that little implant thingy is the bomb.  She is active and happy and still the 'mom' of the bunch.  She has quite the love affair with Oliver as well -

Happy Birthday sweet girl:

Taken last week

A few favorites:

Maddie and Violet

Loving the soft bath mat


One of my all time favorites

Cutie tootie

Playing in the ball pit

Sunday, November 05, 2017

Week In Review

It was a week for sure....

First, a Phoebe update -

For those of you who missed our updates - Phoebe wasn't feeling great last week.  I had separated her from the rest of the critters in case she was contagious.  We came home on Friday evening to find she had developed a very large abscess on her face.  We went to the emergency vet to get her fixed up and now she is doing just great - taking her antibiotics - not thrilled about it but trying to be good and off the pain meds.  I took off her e-collar this morning and she is much happier to have freedom of movement.  I offered her the choice of heading back into critter land  but she hasn't taken me up on the offer so far.  She is enjoying her alone time and I am okay with her hanging out by herself til she is 100%.  Her abscess site looks good.  There is a bit of residual swelling, not all that unexpected, but it is cool to the touch and pain free.  We have been doing a warm compress a few times a day to keep things moving but the drainage has pretty much stopped.  Her appetite is back, her energy levels are back and you can tell she is feeling so much better.  Thank goodness.

This past week also had Halloween and Fiona and Bash-ys third birthdays.  Pups and piglet are all doing great.  They were pretty good sports about dressing up.  They have been enjoying the fall weather and spending a good bit of time outside.  As for the rest of the little critter gang... Violet continues to do well, as do the other ferrets.  Everyone seems pretty happy and healthy.  Oliver and Aggie are both going strong - feeling good.  No complaints with the little ones.

Hopefully next week we can get things back to normal with Phoebe.  When you have lots of critters - I find that the regular routine makes life a whole lot easier.

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Happy Birthday Fiona and Bash!!

I can't believe my baby ferrets are 3 years old today.  Time really does fly!

Bash was a very overweight, inactive ferret at the pet store when we found him.  When the hubs met him he said we could keep him but that left his sister alone in the bin - which we can't allow.  So, Fiona became a part of our family as well.  I can't imagine our lives without these two.  Hubs wanted to name them Shrek and Fiona - I hated Shrek but loved Fiona so we compromised and settled on Sebastian - Bash for short.  We originally thought Bash would be a good name because he was such a big bruiser.  In reality - it is the perfect name because he is a bit shy and bashful.  I adore them both....

Happy birthday little ones!!!

Winston's Piggy Gift Exchange Package

Daisy May and her piggy mama sent us an amazing box of goodies for our Fall gift exchange which arrived today.  Winston helped me open it - but I must admit he was so smitten with the pumpkins that came out of the box early on that he didn't pay tons of attention after that....  in addition to snacks and hot cocoa and a book and journal/pens for me (I feel so spoiled) the spoiled piglet got some amazing loot!  Here are some pics:

Getting ready to open the box

Ohhh - I like my new blanket - did I mention - PUMPKINS!!!

Yep - we are gonna need to run the floor mopper

Squeee.... isn't that just about the cutest thing ever??

So adorable - the perfect addition to the piggy collection

You go ahead and look at all the other stuff in the box - I am busy with pumpkins!!!

Cute little piggy cell phone holder
Winston and I both loved everything and are feeling quite spoiled!!  Thank you so much Daisy and Makayla!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from the zoo gang.  Today Winston is celebrating Halloween as 'SuperPig' and the dogs are dressing up as Minions.  It's the puppies first Halloween and they were not all that thrilled with the whole dress-up experience.  It's Emma's 14th Halloween and she wasn't really feeling it - and as the queen bee around here, we mostly let her get her way.  The littles - I gave up dressing them up years ago - the cats are way too indignant and the ferrets flop down like they are unable to move when you put something on them - so no dress-up for critterland.

I hope you have a happy and safe Halloween:

It's a bird...

It's a plane....

No - it's Super Pig...

I am shocked to say that Tango was the most cooperative:

Charli was her regular spazzy self - I got like 27 blurry pics and 2 that were reasonable:

Juliett was really not a fan - I figured she would be easy peasy since she is the most mellow of the three - not so much:

And last but most certainly not least - The Divine Miss Em: