A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Emma and Clooney

As I look back over the last few weeks there haven't been many posts about the Emma dog.  She is still in camera hating mode so I am not pushing her.  This is why there haven't been many snaps of her on the blog - its not because we don't love her lots.  Em is doing great - she is not quite sure what to think of the little ferret who jumps on her and bites her toes.  She has settled back down to being a very nice dog after testing her mother for several weeks.

Clooney hasn't been around for picture time - rest assured he is still loved as well.  He continues to bully the baby ferret but other than that he seems to be doing pretty darn good.  He has recovered from his ECE episode and is doing his thing - he has taken up residence in Nigel's room - he can't bring himself to share the closet in our room with Madison.

So - no pics but a quick update.  I didn't want anyone to think my babies were being neglected......

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