A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

The Stories of the Day

It's been a pretty good critter day today.

Winston - he spent his day playing, napping and eating.  He got to go outside on the deck for a bit which he loved.  We are trying to find a good balance between time with us and time on his own.  He needs to develop the skills to self entertain and not expect attention all the time.  He was in his upstairs pen for the morning - playtime early and then he took a nap while I worked and had lunch. Then downstairs to meet his grandparents and to play for the afternoon.  The upstairs around 3 while I was in meetings and around 5:30 playtime with Finn and Ollie.  Now he is happily playing in his pen by himself with his toys.  This is good.  At 8 pm he will get his evening dinner and about 8:30 he heads to his bed.  We are still figuring each other out.  He is getting more and more used to me.  He still hates to be picked up.  He was playing in the shark cube I posted about a few days ago so I did have the opportunity to get an official weight - 4.24 pounds....  Life with a pig is all good!!

Ferrets - the ferrets have been pretty sleepy today - I think because they were WIDE OPEN at 3 am this morning.  The ferrets engage well with the piggy - the girls are interested but apprehensive.  Finn is fascinated and gives the piggy a full physical each time he sees him - checking Winston's eyes, snout, ears - the pig is actually pretty tolerant of this.  Then there is Theo - wow- Theo is VERY excited by the pig.  He jumps on the pig and bites the pigs ears.  Winston is not at all fond of this and Theo is desperate to play so he gets his feeling hurt.  Those two have to be closely monitored. Actually - I don't really trust any of them - pig or ferrets so when they are alone they are separated.

Kitties - let's face it - Oliver is our zoo ambassador.  He is the one critter who gets along with everyone.  He and the piggy are friends already.  The girl kitties are mildly interested so long as Winston is in his pen but when he is out and about they jump for higher ground.

Emma is in love with the pig but she does not love when the piggy tries to suckle on her.  Again - we don't leave the dog and the pig together unattended.

SteveIrwin is on his last legs I think - he is still hanging on but I don't think he is doing very well - I have been medicating his water but I am not optimistic.  Poor little fish - I so hope he surprises me!!

Winston goes to bed around 8:30 - so I spend the time after he is sleeping to play with the other critters - I am trying to make their days as routine as they were before the pig entered our world.  All four ferrets were downstairs playing and wrestling - they all seem happy and healthy and engaged. Kitty ears are medicated and I think I might be done for tonight....

Today was filled with thoughts of Clooney and a few tears as well.  In some ways it seems like forever ago that we lost him - in reality its been 10 days.  I miss him so and was thinking about what he would think of Winston.  At first I thought he would have hated having a new critter - but then I got to thinking about how he finally accepted Theo and Finn - maybe he would have liked him after all.  Really missing him today for some reason...

And there you have it - the stories of the day!  :)

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