A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Recapping October

It's already the fourth of November - where does the time go?  We never did our monthly look back to October so here goes:

First - I was terrible about blogging again last month - not off to a great start this month either.  There is still so much going on with the new house and the old house that I am having a terrible time finding the bandwidth to blog.  I have decided to cut myself some slack and try to do at least once a week for the rest of the year and then get back to our regular routine in January.  Sadly - with the holidays around the corner I think things are only going to get busier,

So - critters:

It was our first full month without Harlow - oh my how I miss that sweet little girl.  The sadness of losing her is still with me and I find myself shedding some big tears with no notice.

Winston had a good month - his health is great.  His hooves are doing much better and his skin is a bit dry and flaky but we are working on that through some supplements to his diet and some topical treatments.  Other than those very minor things he is a happy, healthy, ornery piglet.  We saw a good bit of inclement weather over the course of October so there was way more indoor time for him than he would have liked.  He loves the ability to play outside!!

Emma had a vet filled month in October.  We tried to do her dental work, had to do a liver test to make sure her outta whack number wasn't impairing her liver function.  The good news there was that not only is her liver functioning normally, her funky number has corrected itself for the first time in three years.  We thought we were in the clear to do her dental work but the morning of her surgery her pre op exam uncovered a heart murmur.  So - more testing - echocardiogram revealed a bit of a leaky valve but nothing serious so finally we were able to do the dental cleaning and extraction.  She is a happy and healthy pup - her grim reaper breath is better and she seems to be doing just great.


The kitties are well!  Aggie just keeps on trucking - she is very content and quite interactive.  Her health seems to be just fantastic and she seems to really enjoy her new space - even though she has to share it with the dreaded ferrets.  :)

Ollie is his same old happy and ornery self.  He is quite clingy and wants constant, undivided attention with can be a tiny bit annoying at times.  His other charming habit has become wailing at the critter area door - not because he wants out - because he wants you to come in and hold him,  He would literally stay with you 24 by 7 if he had his way.

Phoebe is doing quite well - she is playing with toys and with the ferrets - she does love a good game of tag.  She is quite active and seems to be feeling just great.  Very happy with how she has settled in to the new space.

And last but not least - Miss Zoey.  Our snaggle puss seems pretty happy these days.  She is finally exploring and utilizing the full space - not just hanging out in the critter room.  She seems to be feeling good and is in a pretty good mood for her.

All in all October was a good kitty month.


Ah the ferrets - they are so sweet and entertaining.  All of them seem to be doing just great.  We have an occasional blip on the radar here and there.  Bash had an upset tummy, Tabby had some questionable poo, etc.  But all in all they are a hilarious and healthy business of ferrets.

The boys are inseparable - Bash, Theo and Kai are truly BFFs together ALL the time.  They all three seem to be doing quite well.  Violet and Madison spend a good bit of time together and they like to hang out on the bed I set up in the critter room.  They get under the covers and "chat" and snuggle while they sleep.  Tabby tends to hang out with the boys quite a bit and Fiona seems to go back a forth between the boys and Vi and Maddie.  They all seem to love each other immensely and its not unusual on a chilly morning to find all 7 of them piled up in the hamper together.

They too had a great month!!

So - to recap - it's all good over here in critter land!  Here's to a repeat of good health and happy critters in November!

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