A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

How Cats "Help" with Chores

I found a cute article in one of our local non - profit's newsletter about how cats help with chores - and its so true:

Cleaning closets As soon as I start removing items from closets or cabinets in preparation of cleaning or organizing, here come the cats. They love closets and cabinets and feel like they should be involved in whatever I’m doing to their spaces.

Working or playing on the computer When I pull out the laptop, my cats are like, "What are you doing? Can I see?” Then they decide they want to cuddle so they can be with me and watch everything I’m doing. Of course, this usually makes the process of reaching the keyboard an ergonomic nightmare.

Wrapping gifts My cats insist on "helping” every time I haul out wrapping paper, scissors and tape. All three of my kitties have been known to descend upon me as I wrap gifts. They typically sit on top of everything I need and stare at me like they think they could do a way better job.

Making the bed Putting clean sheets on a bed is impossible when a cat’s in the room. They’re completely obsessed with being in the middle of the bed while we attempt to stretch sheets across it. I think they judge the way I fold (or rather wad up) my fitted sheets.

Folding laundry A warm basket of laundry is a cat magnet. My cats usually insist on testing the laundry before I begin folding it. They won’t tell me why they’re testing it, but it’s part of the routine, so I go along with it.

And the No. 1 way cats "help” us is … drumroll, please!

Unpacking a box So UPS just delivered a box and it’s time to open it. Cats want to be involved in every part of this process. First they thoroughly sniff the cardboard and packing tape (sometimes they have to taste the tape). Then when we open the box, they must look inside before we pull any of the contents out of the cardboard container. I swear they’re like little TSA agents, and every box is highly suspect. After the box is unloaded, it becomes the best spot ever in which to sit or nap … that is, until the next box arrives.

(retrieved March, 2015 from http://www.catchannel.com/cat-lifestyle/10-ways-cats-help-with-chores.aspx)

My additions:

The ferrets are the big helpers with bed making - they love it.  I challenge you to try to make a bed with 6 ferrets and 4 cats helping out.  It turns into a long and adventurous chore!  The piglet loves to help with laundry - straight out of the dryer is one of his favorite things.  Unpacking boxes is popular with the pig as well and if you have something small in there and the ferrets are around you run the risk of  things going missing.

I love it when my furries "help" with chores....

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