A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Our Crazy Week in Review

It has been a crazy, crazy critter week!  The good news is that everything is great....puppies are doing fantastic and Violet's numbers are FINALLY where they should be.  The bad news is that this is one tired critter mama.

Puppies -

They had their surgeries on Monday.  For the first time ever since we started inviting critters into our lives I had a pang of sadness for one fleeting moment that we got them fixed.  They are such amazing puppies that they could have been bred and had some more amazing puppies.  But then the realistic me kicked in and I know that its so much better for their health and with so many shelter pups in this world we could take a long hiatus from critter breeding and still have amazing dogs to spare.  So - all in all I am glad we did it and I am glad that we are nearly to the point that we can say its behind us.

I would say that Tango is done - incision site was quite small and its all but gone.  The girls - they are doing well - feeling good and healing but they had quite a bit more to heal from.  I would say they are operating at about 90% - they tire a bit quicker.  Everyone is eating well and they don't appear to be in any pain.

My other puppy - Emma - she is doing just great.  She is full of energy and quite active and she seems to love those pups.

Piggers -

Winston has been doing just great and he has been such a good boy.  Don't get me wrong - he has his turd-y moments - but for the most part he is a very good pig.  He has been spending lots of time outside.  He seems to have no interest in the dogs and they have little interest in him either.  They have found their way to supervised co-existence.

Kitties -

The kitties are well!  I think Ollie might be putting on a bit of weight which is great.  The girls seem to be hold steady which is also good - they don't need any extras.  They have been enjoying the sunshine in the outside playspace as well.  All in all I am quite happy with how they are doing.

Ferrets -

My little business of ferrets is doing amazing.  First of all - the great news is that Violet's glucose number has finally hit the normal range for the first time in 12 weeks.  Thank goodness!  She is doing fantastic.  The little boys - Theo, Bash and Kai - they are as full of piss and vinegar.  They are wild children and I love it - I think they have spring fever.  The little girls - Madison, Tabby, Fiona and Vi are spending lots to time together - very active and playful.  Everyone seems well!

So - I am going to relish in the 14 seconds that everyone in the zoo is current on everything they need to be current on from a veterinary perspective.  I think I might be good til Violet goes for her next glucose test in 5 weeks or so.  WOOT!

It was a very busy week - but lots of great happenings.,,,,

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