A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Holiday Updates

Whew!  I am just now recovering from the holiday madness.  We had lots of parties, family time and activity around here.  Quite frankly I think the holidays are hard on the critters.  My attention is focused elsewhere and they don't get the time or the standard of care they normally get.

Emma was a very good dog.  We had family staying with us - and with the family came additional dogs - Quincy (my parents dog) and Berger and Loki (my brother's dogs).  All in all having four dogs in the house went pretty well.  No major scuffles to report.  I do think its a bit stressful for Emma though.  I am pleased with her behavior.

Winston did great - he was much more friendly to guests although he did still have his moments of nipping at my brother.  Winston does not get along with Quincy and has never met Berger and Loki and we decided to keep it that way.  Luckily the house has access to the back yard via our bedroom so we were able to get him in and out without having to  move dogs around.  It was rainy and he did have some moments of boredom.  He also had to be confined to his bed (a large closet) with the baby gate for a few hours a couple of evenings so guests could easily access the powder room without having to wade through the pig.  He did well and I am happy to see him being more friendly towards new people - perhaps he is moving through his terrible two phase...fingers crossed!

The ferrets and the kitties did fine - they have each other to keep themselves entertained.  Their area was not well maintained by me over the holiday - and I paid for it after the fact.  They got a deep cleaning Saturday and Sunday.  I am still working on their laundry.  They were well behaved and fine with going into their room on party evenings to ensure there was no escaping.

I think everyone - including me - is happy to be back to a more normal routine.

For Christmas - Winston got a new comforter for his bed.  He seems to like it!  Emma got a new blanket.  The kitties got a new toy that teases them with a string - they love it!  A new heated bed was installed in their area - the kitties and the ferrets all seem to love it.  The kitties and ferrets also got new blankets.  Everyone got new toys in their stockings... I think everyone is feeling good and is happy.

We will recap 2015 in a series of posts over the next three days...I can't believe this year is almost over.

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