A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ferrets - Year in Review

So I saved the post about the ferret's year in review for last because it will be the hardest to write.  We can't look back on 2015 without remembering my sweet and adorable Harlow who was taken far too soon my an auto immune disorder.  She was diagnosed in May and I cherished every moment with her until the end of September when her condition worsened to the point we could not let her suffer. I miss that little ferret so much it hurts.  I think of her every day - often with tears.  She was such a trooper through her illness.  Rest in peace my sweet baby - know your mama loves you and misses you terribly.

Now - on to better parts of our year.  The ferrets had a good year this year!  With the exception of Harlow we had no illnesses to report.  Everyone seems to be happy and healthy.  The weasels seem to be quite happy in their new space.  They spend their days playing with each other and their toys, torturing the kitties, snoozing and eating.  Not a bad life!!

Madison is the eldest - she turned four this year!  She is my joyful and happy girl and she has done so well this year.  She has put on a bit of weight with the morning gravy - this is probably actually a good thing as she was just a tiny little one before.

Violet becomes more and more social as she ages.  She used to be quite the independent loner but since the summer she has decided that hanging out with the rest of the gang isn't so bad.  She is quite close to Madison and Fiona.  Violet will turn 3 in 2016.


Theo is my adorable and gentle boy.  He is rough and tumble when playing with the boys but watching him with Harlow over the summer was amazing.  He was her protector.  Theo is quite gregarious and animated and he makes me laugh every day.  Theo will also turn 3 in 2016.


Kai - my wild child.  He is full on all the time - that is - unless he is giving you a face full of kisses. This little boy is full of antics all the time.  He loves to wrestle and play and is always trying to make friends with the kitties with limited success.  Kai and Tabitha are litter mates and were siblings with Harlow.  I am so glad I have them - they are a happy link to her.  Kai and Tabby both will turn 2 in 2016.


Tabitha is my independent little girl.  She tolerates being picked up and sometimes will visit your lap but otherwise is she very much like Violet used to be.  She is Miss Independent.  She does love to hang out with the boys though.  She and Kai are siblings and are very close.  She is also great friends with Bash and Theo.  She and Violet are just about carbon copies these days - its tough to tell them apart at times.  She is quite a beautiful ferret with her fluffy white coat.


Sebastian - aka Bash is my shy, sweet, mellow ferret - he still reminds me so much of Finn - it makes my heart happy to have him around.  Bash is adorable - a very cute and funny boy who enjoys playing with cat toys and hoarding them into a pile in my office.  He loves to be held and he seems to enjoy the 452 kisses I give him every day.  He is litter mates with Fiona and the two of them will have their first birthdays in 2016.


Last but most certainly not least - my beautiful Fiona.  She is honestly the most chilled out ferret I have ever met.  She loves to be held and carried around and is content to lay with you and get pets. She has adorable markings - four white feet and a white bib on her chest.  She face is darling.  Fiona is playful - she too loves toys and can often be found stealing from her brother's pile to add to her own.


In 2016 I plan to spend as much time with these fur babies as possible.  I do adore them!  Let's hope for continued good health for my little brood.  I hope you will continue to follow our antics!

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