A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Travel is Hard

So - I survived the weekend.  The critters survived the weekend.  I am so glad to be home with them!

We have a fantastic pet sitter who comes to the house 4 times a day while we are gone.  She bravely takes care of the pig even though he is a total pink turd at times, she spends lots of time with Emma and she cares for and picks up after the kitties and the ferrets.  It's a big job.

We left pretty early on Friday morning with cameras set up in Winston's room and in critter land.  It's quite comforting to be able to check in on them whenever I want and the cameras we set up write to a server so if someone were to oh say fall in the pool or something - we could check out the instant replay.  Yes folks - Emma fell into the pool on Sunday.  She hates it but she is a good swimmer.  I think the thunder startled her - poor little neurotic dog.  Here is what one view from the camera looked like:

Look at that cute little bubby snug in his bed.!!  The cameras worked great until the piglet decided that he was bored on Sunday afternoon and chewed through both cords....pink turd.  Thankfully it was on the last day and not at the start of the trip.  The cameras in critter land worked great - of course the ferrets and the cats did note feel the need to eat the wires.  The Pawbo (did you see my post on that?)  did pretty well on it's inaugural run.  The ability to connect to it and chat with the pig worked like a charm.  It did get jammed on the cookie dispenser but the pet sitter was able to fix it. Winston enjoyed getting cookies and I think he liked his virtual tuck ins - I always spend time with him each night so I would connect and chat with him while he laid in his bed.  Realistically - it probably didn't mean much to him but it made me feel better about being gone.  I suppose there is some value in that.

I came home to spotless critter areas which was delightful - feeling quite spoiled.  Today was spent getting back into the routine.  Winston spent almost all day outside rooting, playing and napping. Emma was in and out.  The little critters were in and out as well - happy that their outside space was opened up after being on lockdown while I was gone.  I am so glad to be home.  I miss them so much when I travel and I worry (unnecessarily I know).

I guess that's it for now - critters have been tucked in early because the critter mom is exhausted - heading to bed early tonight!

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