A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Pet Peeves

I haven't done an installment of Pet Peeves lately....  for the most part I adore those furry children I share my life with but sometimes they do make me a bit nutty.

  • Must the puppies poop on the patio?  They have 3/4 of an acre of grass....more poop to clean up - fun times.
  • Why does Emma have to unmake the bed every.single.day all the way down to the mattress?  The mattress pad, sheets, blanket, comforter and pillows all have to be wadded up in the middle of the bed.  I don't like making the bed once a week, let alone every day!
  • Oliver - must your love bites pierce the skin?  What happened to soft nibbles?  Crazy cat....
  • Speaking of cats - must they wail at the top of their lungs at every meal as if they haven't ever been fed, ever in their lifetimes?
  • Oh little ferrets....must we check to see if there truly 150 Kleenex's in the box by taking out each and every one??
  • Winston has decided one chewie before bed is not enough so he throws a temper tantrum at his bedroom door.  He has been sent to his bed in trouble for the last three nights - little pink turd...
Oh critters - I do love you!!

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