A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Winston's Vet Visit

Today was the day - Winston's annual vet visit.  Thankfully our awesome vet offers house calls so we don't have to try to transport the pig anywhere.

The appointment is a bit stressful for everyone involved I think - they do things to Winston that he doesn't like, he is uncooperative so I am sure it's stressful for the vet and his team and then there is me - the pig mom - it's really stressful for me.  Today it went something like this....  try to corner the pig in the living room so the vet could grab him and put the anesthesia in his snout.  I learned today that you need the assistance of gravity as it's not an aerosolized medication - so they tip him back and squirt the meds in his nostrils.  Let's just say he's not a fan.  The loud screeching and the snorting of the meds were fairly good indicators of that.

Once that was over he wandered a bit - he looked like a drunken pig staggering around so we knew it was time to get started.  We got him on his side and then on his back which totally stressed him out.  I sat next to him and talked to him the whole time.  Once I gave him some loves and reassured him that he was okay he settled a bit.

There is a lot that happens during these appointments - multiple vaccinations, physical exam, blood draw, hoof trim and tusk trim.  Although he was noisy at times, he was fairly well behaved and we got through all of that fairly efficiently.  We let him up and gave him some cookies.  He was ready to get away from it all and headed for his room which was perfect.  He went down for a nap and slept off the cobwebs.  I went in with him and he wanted snuggles - I took a couple of conference calls from the laundry room floor with 95ish pounds of love on me.

I think when he got the meds in his nose he got some down his throat or into his lungs - he had several coughing fits over the course of the couple of hours after his appointment.  He seems fine now - its been about 5 hours since the last one.  He has been up and around, has eaten his dinner and has been outside a couple of times.  I think he is good to go.

I got an email a bit ago from the vet saying that his bloodwork looked fantastic - nothing outta whack at all.  All in all he is a super healthy piggy - no trace of the heart murmur he had when he was a piglet and no issues to be concerned about.  I will take it!!

Moving on to less stressful topics - presents!!  Winston got his Summer Buddy gift box today!  He was very spoiled.  We were paired up with a sweet and handsome piggy named Ziggie who lives in Florida.

Winston got lots of great things in his goody box and it was perfect timing - a great prize for dealing with the vet stuff:

Opening his card

YUM!  Mangos

A new toy to play with!

A new puzzle 

Ziggie's mom knew Winston loves paper so she made sure to add lots!!  He loved it!

My favorite of the pics - taking his paper to his bed
Thanks to Ziggie and his mama for the lovely gifts!!

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