A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nigel's First Shower

Every day I get the little hedgehog out of his cage for some interaction time, treats, pets, harassment by his siblings, etc.  Today was like any other day til I got a whiff of the little dude - wow - he was a tiny bit stinky. I was going to give him a bath this evening but then had the idea that I should try out the shower.

I got the water to the right hedgehog temp and turned the faucet on about halfway as not to blast the little guy and popped him in the shower.  I am pleased to report that he seemed to really like it.  I let him play and explore for a bit.  He ran all around the shower checking it out.  He investigated all the bottles and ran through the stream of water a few times.  Then he seemed to realize that if he stopped the water would stay on him so he stood under there for a good bit of time.

He let me pick at the ick on his feet and then I picked him up and flipped him on his back so I could scrub his belly.  At first he was unsure but when I put him under the water he like it - he just laid there and let me do what we needed to do to get him all squeaky clean.  He is all curled up in his nice warm fluffy towel.  His tummy is full of worms and he is snoozing away.  Best of all - he smells so much better!

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