A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Latest Happenings at the Zoo

So - here is the latest and greatest from our little Critter Land:

Winston seems to like his Cool Mat - as I type he is outside napping on it:

Emma just came home from the second iteration of her summer hair cut:

The kitties are doing well.  Whatever was upsetting Aggie's tummy night before last seems to have subsided and she is doing just great:

Aggie - not sure why this image decided to flip on its side but it won't let me fix it and I am too lazy to go and upload it again.  :)

Oliver - thinking he is getting canned cat food even though he knows its way too early

Sleepy Phoebe not interested in getting up for pictures

And some of the ferrets:

Fiona top left, Tabby top right, Violet bottom right and Bash bottom left sleeping in their hamper

Kai is the white lump sleeping in his tunnel

Theo was kind enough to pop his head out of the box he was sleeping in - Madison was also in there but did not make an appearance

Over the weekend we had a very large gathering.  I have to give both the dog and the pig credit - they were very patient and well behaved.  Winston was quite tolerant with people in his space, a complete disruption to his routine, having to potty out front instead of out back, etc.  Emma was having a great time with people playing in the pool....that is until she fell in - which she did not care for at all.  She was a bit subdued after that but overall I think she had fun.

The other slight change we have made is that we have been putting Emma in the bathroom right off the master at night to sleep.  She has gotten so bad about scratching on the carpet she was waking me 8 - 10 times a night.  So I put her bed in the bathroom and put up the baby gate - she can see us and hear us and after a bit of complaining (whining and a bark or two) she settles right down.  She can wad up her bed and wad up the bath mat as much as she likes without waking us up - woohoo!

I think that might be it from the zoo.  Happy that everyone is doing well.  Hopefully the connector from the house to the outdoor critter play space will be done soon - I can't wait for the ferrets and the cats to have some fresh air and a new place to explore.  Stay tuned....

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