A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Friday, April 07, 2017

Week in Review

I can't believe we made it to Friday already!  I am glad because its been a long, polleny week....

The Pups -  Emma is doing just great!  Puppies are doing great too.

I had a freak out moment yesterday when I heard Charli barking and barking.  I went to see what the issue was and there was something in the pool.  I freaked for a second thinking it was Winston.... it wasn't as he was inside sleeping in his bed. It was a throw pillow that had blown off the outdoor lawn furniture.  :)

I have been checking the pups for ticks each day (and the pig too). Evidently I missed one last night on Charli - this morning it was ginormous - fully engorged.  Ick!  I am not cut out for that.....  I used rubbing alcohol to make it let go and pulled it out.  I put a circle using a Sharpie around the bite so I can see if she develops a rash or redness larger than the site originally.  And yes, I kept the tick - its in a ziploc bag.  I read somewhere you should keep the tick until you make sure there is no reaction.  If she does develop swelling, a rash, etc then you have the offending tick on hand and they can test it for diseases.

Hooray!  The mobile groomer comes next Wednesday!!  The puppies will get their summer cuts which will make checking for ticks so much easier - it will also cut down on the amount of dog hair I have to vacuum and for Tango especially - it will make them much cooler!  I will post before and after pictures for sure!

Winston - Piggers is doing fantastic!

Since we changed Winston's food he is doing so well!  He has been on it almost a month and I can see changes in his skin, eyes (not nearly so goopy) and in his general disposition.  He has been incredibly well behaved.  Very happy with the new food - in fact - I just ordered a two month supply yesterday.  If you have a piggy in your life I would highly recommend this food. http://www.sharpsminipigfood.com/

Kitties - the crazy kitties are all well!!

Oliver is really thriving - we have managed to put some weight on him - no more bony kitty thank goodness.  His appetite is great and his activity level is high.  He seems to be quite a happy boy.  His only issue right now is allergies - the pollen is nuts here and his eyes are pretty gunky.  I have been using my go to Colloidal Silver to rinse them out.  He hates it but lets me do it.

Knock on wood - Phoebe isn't suffering from her regular bout of button lip.  (Her bottom lip swells sometimes because of her allergies).  So far she seems pretty unaffected by the pollen so far this year. She is doing great - we have worked on slimming her down a bit so she is looking great - ready to break out the kitty swimsuit!  :)

Aggie is fantastic - she has lost weight as well and is just my healthy, easy going, happy go lucky girl.

Ferrets - the business is great!!

All the ferrets are doing amazingly well!  Violet seems to be feeling great.  She is very active and is playful and makes the dooking (ferret happy noise) often.  She has a glucose check next week - fingers crossed her number is holding strong.

Everyone is going through their spring coat change right now.  By far - Bash is the one who is the most noticeable.   He goes from a very dark, thick, furry coat in the winter to a much lighter, much shorter coat in the summer.  He and the others seem to be feeling just great - they are all full of mischief!

I have been letting the kitties and the ferrets out of critter land into the living room to explore and play for an hour or so each morning this week.  They love it!

All in all this has been a great critter week!!

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