A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Weekend Updates

It's Sunday morning and things at the zoo are going great.  First off I am happy to report that  Juliett is feeling much better. Not sure if she had a touch of a virus or if she got into something she shouldn't have.  Regardless, it lasted about 36 hours with her.  Charli had a touch of it as well - hers was only about 8 hours.  Tango was unaffected.  Both the girls are feeling fine and back to normal.

Crate training for puppies continues - for the most part it is going pretty well.  They are getting better about going in their crates when asked (only needing a little bit of encouragement from mom).  The last two nights have been good - no complaining once they get in and sleeping until a reasonable hour.  We will continue to stay the course.  We also got a new fan.  The one we had was older and noisy.  This one is almost silent.  It keeps the air circulating for the pups but doesn't keep the hubs awake. Win/win!

Emma is great - she seems to be quite happy and feeling good.  We have been monitoring her assumed lipoma (fatty lump) over the last week - no changes in size or shape.  Yesterday I started her on the holistic treatment called PawHealer Dissolve Formula.  It's an herbal product that works on fatty lumps at the cellular level.  We will give it a whirl and see if it works for her - it has mixed reviews online - either it worked so well the lumps went away or it did nothing.  I find most holistic things tend to be like that.  Either it works amazingly well or not at all.

Winston is great - he is really doing well with his new food - gunky eyes are much better.  Skin is looking great - he is a happy pig.  He has been spending time outdoors and has been very well behaved lately.  I am quite please with how things are going with him.

I have made some good progress on my quest to complete the spring cleaning in critterland.  I have finished their bedroom, bathroom and food closet - they have been scrubbed, mopped, shined - baseboards cleaned, shutters cleaned, windows washed, walls spot cleaned, etc.  I also took out the litter boxes for the kitties and replaced them with new ones.  I use plastic under the bed storage boxes and after time they absorb odors so it was time to replace them.  Today I will tackle their hallway and other bathroom - then all I will have left is my office which is in pretty good shape.  I will be happy to have that done.

The critters in critterland are well.  The ferrets were 'helpers' yesterday while I cleaned.  Kitties are doing well - Oliver is holding his weight on which is great.  The pudgy girls are looking more and more svelte which is also good.  Violet goes for her glucose check on Thursday.  Fingers crossed she is still stable.

All in all the zoo is doing just great!

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