A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Busy 9 Days

Wow!  Our crazy 9 days of people staying with us is coming to an end.  The bulk of our company leaves tomorrow.  The critters will be quite happy to get back to a regular routine.

The littlest critters are probably the least impacted....they get less 'mom' time and things have been so busy that I haven't done a great job of keeping up with the cleaning necessary in their area but other than that they aren't really impacted by company.  They have to sleep in their bedroom rather than having access to their full area but now that they have access to outside during the day they really don't seem to mind.

Emma has been good - she likes having company - lots of targets for begging for people food, getting love and attention and play time.  She has done well this week.  My mom's dog Quincy is here and she has enjoyed some dog play time as well.

Winston is definitely the most impacted when we have guests.  He is inside a ton more than he or I would like because he is such a pink turd when it comes to visitors.  His schedule gets all outta whack and he really would just prefer his humans and his schedule and nothing else.  It doesn't happen like that all the time little piglet - so sorry....

He did well with my cousin - but - he still feels the need to send a pink turd message that he is higher in the herd every now and then.  I think tomorrow will be close to back to his regular routine with Wednesday being a regular day.  All in all he has been a pretty patient pig - spending lots of time in his room without putting up a fuss.  As I type this he is napping on the patio.

Emma is sacked out on the living room floor, the kitties are sleeping outside in the sun and the ferrets are in various sleeping spots throughout their area.

All in all - things are good at the zoo!!!

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