A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Piglet With a Tummy Ache

So - we had a happening yesterday.  We had to run out for supplies for a project and I didn't realize that I left the bedroom door open which left Winston access to our room and such - Emma's dog food feeder.  Ugh.  He made quite a pig of himself....he didn't eat it all but he ate quite a bit.  In addition the other door to our room was also open so when we got home he was playing in the living room.  I feel terrible because now he feels cruddy and it's my fault.

Eating lots of dog food can be dangerous for pigs as the salt level is very high in dog food and pigs don't handle salt very well and can easily move towards salt toxicity.  Keeping him hydrated is important but too much water can also cause its own problems so you have to be careful.  Winston was obviously not feeling great but he did not show signs of anything more than a tummy ache.  He was not lethargic, he still had a reasonable appetite and he was going potty just fine.

I skipped his pellets this morning - substituting in banana and pumpkin baby food instead.  Mid morning he threw up which was actually a good thing.  Thankfully he was outside so cleanup was easy with the hose.  I think he started feeling a bit better.  I gave him a fairly good portion of fresh, cold watermelon which he happily scarfed down.  Then back inside for a nap.  He still wasn't back to 100% but on the mend.  Then he napped in our room for a bit - hanging out with Emma.  A bit ago I got him outside using his favorite cookie - Scooby Snacks.  It took some coaxing but he finally did go potty and I think that made him feel better as well.  He did not want to come inside when I did - he is outside rooting in the shade at the moment.  Dinner will be the same - baby food and watermelon - skipping the pellets once again.  I am hoping by the morning he will be feeling back to normal - I hate it when my furries don't feel well.

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