A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Welcome to the Family - Bash and Fiona

Yep - we have gone and done it again.  Totally unexpectedly we have expanded our business of ferrets by two!  You see - there was this ferret at the pet store (sound familiar??) who I noticed because he was GIANT - really - he is the biggest ferret I have ever seen.  I have been watching him for a few weeks - worried about him for two reasons - 1.  that no one would adopt him because he is giant and 2.  that he wouldn't be in the best health being so big.

So - hubs and I went on our five mile trek yesterday and decided to walk over and take a look at the giant boy.  I had looked at him but not gotten him out of the cage so I had no idea what his personality would be like.  We got him out and that was it - he was ours.  His litter mate was in there - a beautiful and sweet little girl and we have a thing about litter mates - we are not going to leave one behind.  We'll take two please.... these little ones were born on November 1, 2014 and are now officially a part of our family.

We walked back home and got a car and headed back to the pet store to pick them up.  Once we got them home they went straight to the shower.  Once all squeaky clean they were allowed to meet the gang.  It was a total non event - after about 30 minutes we had 7 of the 8 playing in their tunnel, wrestling and chasing each other around like they had known each other forever.  So far there have been no squabbles and everyone has been interacting like champs.  In fact - the new babies were allowed free roam about privileges last night - unheard of with past babies....

As for our new big guy Bash - he was obsessed with food at the pet store - I think because he was bored.  He has a limited interest in food since he has been here - there is way too much to investigate and explore.  I think he will be slimmed down in no time.  I was drawn to him because of his size but the more I get to know him - he has a very similar personality to Finnegan (our boy ferret we lost last year).  His mannerisms and expressions are very much the same and I can see Finn in him in the pictures I took today.  I am so happy - it puts a little bandaid on the hole in my heart that Finney left.

Little Miss Fiona is bight and happy and very playful.  She seems to love being a part of a large brood and has spent time playing with everyone since she came home with us.  She has quite unusual markings - white on her chest and my favorite - four white feet.  She is quite adorable.  She is also immensely affectionate and showers you with kisses when you pick her up.

So - without further ado:

Meet Sebastian - he will go by the nickname Bash:

And the darling Fiona:

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