A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Morning at the Zoo

So it's Monday morning here and the list of critter activities is long this morning.

Activity 1 - find all the ferrets and make sure everyone is good to go.  I accomplished this with the exception of Violet who is my late sleeper.  She will make an appearance around 11:30.  I saw her about midnight last night so I am pretty sure she is all good.

Activity 2 - make sure I think Bash is okay.... he is still not as active as I would like but he did play with me this morning.  His weight is steady and he is interested in his ferret vitamin, ferretone and gravy.  I didn't think he ate enough gravy so I grabbed a syringe and offered it to him....I think I might have created a monster. He laid in my arms like a baby and ate a bunch of gravy.  I stopped at the max amount you can feed a ferret at one sitting - if I would have kept going so would he.  So - lets just say there is nothing wrong with his appetite either!  :)

Activity 3 - get Emma and Phoebe downstairs - sounds like an easy one but not so much.  Emma is neurotic about the hallway floor and it takes her about 13 tries before she is brave enough to get all four feet on the hardwoods.  Phoebe is a pain in that she will not jump over the gate - it has to be opened for her or she has to be lifted....crazy cat.

Activity 4 - feed the piglet and the dog.  Its an incredibly beautiful morning outside so Winston got his breakfast in his treat ball.  He is out there playing now having a grand old time.  Emma thinks I am a cool mommy because I let her have a handful of small dog cookies for breakfast.  She gets treats throughout the day and then her large meal of dry and wet food in the evenings.

Activity 5 - get Harlow up, fed, medicated and let her have some play time while the pig is outside.  This morning she weighed 692 grams - woot!!  I got her out and let her play while I got her food and meds ready. We have moved from syringe feeding to offering her the gravy in a cup - she likes this and she eats a ton!!  I let her get some food in her belly and then gave her the prednisone - she is pretty good about taking it.  Then I did give her a few syringes of gravy to get the medication taste out of her mouth.  As I type she is running and playing and having a grand time outside of her cage.  So happy she is still doing so well.

There are additional activities I haven't yet gotten to:

  • Kitty ear meds - that one is next on my list
  • Cat box scooping - that one should be illegal on Mondays
  • Harlow's cage cleanout - that one is easy - just remove the potty pad, put in a new one and freshen up her food and water
  • Emma and Winston outside to potty - its interesting - Winston will not go potty on the deck - he will only go on the gravel in the front yard - so after he finishes playing with his ball and Harlow finishes running about I will let him in and take them both out.
  • Call the vet and reorder Harlow's prednisone.  She is down to the bottom 1/3 of her bottle.  Time for a refill.
Hope your Monday isn't too filled up with chores....

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