A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Preparations Underway

I have to travel for business next week - while I am excited to see everyone and attend upcoming meetings - I am dreading being gone.  I stress when I am away from the critters - especially when one of them is not feeling well.

Today it was all about Mr. Piglet and getting him to the boarding facility.  Winston hates the car so we decided to take him in the SUV this time.  It took some coaxing but we finally got him positioned right and the hubs was able to lift him into the back of the truck.  I sat in the back seat and gave him some pets and some comforting words while the hubs drove us across town.  I have to say the at times the husband can be quite the pig whisperer.  Once we got to the boarding place we were wondering how we were going to get him out and voila the pig whisperer came up with the idea of using the tarp we spread across the floor of the back of the car as a sling to lift him down.  It worked like a charm and Winston didn't even squeal.  We got him inside and coaxed him onto the scale - HOLY HECK - he is a big boy.  Are you ready for this???  Piglet weighs 82 pounds - gulp.  The good news is that we were chatting with the vet and she confirmed that he is not overweight for his frame.  We don't want to go much heavier with him but she doesn't think he is too big.

We got him settled - he will be showered with attention and have outside play time so he will be a happy piglet.  His mommy, however, already misses him and our household - while quiet - is incomplete.

Tomorrow evening we will drop Harlow off at an great 24 hour animal hospital we have used multiple times.  She will go in for what they call medical boarding and she will have around the clock care where they can feed her every four hours and give her medications twice a day.  While I know in my head that there is absolutely no better place for her to be while I am gone - in my heart I am stressed and anxious and sad about being away from her.  I can't help but feel like if my time with her is short I don't want to miss a minute.  Her Friday morning unhappiness stressed me out even more.  Thankfully the rest of Friday and the bulk of today have been great.  Fingers crossed she will continue to do well tomorrow so I can drop her off feeling okay about her state of health.

On Monday morning on his way to work the hubs will drop Emma off for her boarding.  She could probably stay home while I am gone but the husband tends to work long hours and it will be too long of a wait each day so she will go to the vet and be showered with attention and taken out multiple times a day so she won't be uncomfortable.  Getting them ready to go is crazy - I swear I am packing more for them than I am for myself.

The rest of the ferret gang will be at home - along with the kitties.  Hubs will be in charge of gravy for the weasels in the mornings, kitty ear meds morning and evening and making sure that everyone is accounted for each day and that they have food and water.

I know that everyone will be fine without me - I just don't feel fine without them.  Ready for this trip to be over and for us to get back to a normal routine....

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