A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Only/Already Wednesday

Ever have one of those weeks where you feel like it can't possibly be Wednesday already because you haven't gotten all the things on your list done but you can't believe it's only Wednesday because the week has been 154 days long???  Yep - that's what we are feeling over here.

Today was a good critter day.  Winston was inside for a good bit today because we had workers in the yard.  He was very well behaved. He spent some time with me while I worked today and he was a very good boy - no carpet rooting.  Winston is being such a snitty boy with the dog.  Not sure what's that about but he gets in trouble every time he snaps at her.  Emma for the most part ignores him unless he gets too close and then she retaliates.  Thankfully it's not a long fight when it does happen.  It's a good example why you never leave a pig and a dog together unattended.

The kitties are doing well - I was down in critter land a good bit today and spent some time with  both the kitties and the ferrets.  Oliver was his typical clingy self - that cat is certainly a mama's boy. Phoebe is doing well - I think we are at the tail end of the allergy issues with her.  Aggie was limping a bit this morning.  Upon further inspection I found a little clump of cat litter between her pads on one of her paws.  Once that was removed she was good to go.

As for the ferrets - they are happy and active and full of it.  They had a treat of ferretone today.  I put a bit of Vetasyl in - it's a fiber that helps regulate their outputs.  Works like a charm whenever someone has a bit of tummy upset going on.  They played in the shower for a bit and we did much chasing, wrestling and lovies while I was down there.  Both Theo and Violet seem to be fine with their allergy symptoms - perhaps the pollen drop is close to ending - fingers crossed.

Emma has decided now that she is 13 she no longer has to follow the rules.  She reminds me of that older person in your family - the one who is beyond giving a crap about the rules or what is polite or proper etiquette.  Emma has done things in the last few weeks she has never done ever.  Getting things off the counter, getting in the garbage... today she stole and ate my lunch while I was in critter land.  She gets in trouble but frankly I don't think she cares....naughty pup.  She also has selective hearing.  Not sure if its that she is aging and her hearing is declining or if she just chooses not to listen.  Perhaps its a bit of both.  Regardless of her naughty behavior I still adore that crazy dog!!

All in all it was a lovely critter day!  Here's to a productive and FAST Thursday....

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