A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

An Easy Saturday Evening

Since our big vet visit mid week things around here have been pretty calm and status quo.  I am so good with status quo!!  :)

On Thursday we picked up the Ivermectin for the kitties and the ferrets to treat the ear mites.  The hubs helped me administer 5 - 7 drops in each ear. Yes folks - that would be 20 ears.... We wait 2 weeks and repeat, wait another 2 weeks and repeat.  Everyone hates getting the drops but its over quickly and they are no worse for the wear.

Winston is doing well - we have had warm, sunny weather the last few days.  I worry about him over heating in addition to the danger of sunburn.  I ordered him a cooling mat - its pressure sensitive and supposedly it will be 7 - 9 degrees cooler than the ambient temperature.  I will put it on the patio so he has a cool spot to sleep.  I will post about it once I get it and determine if it actually works.  As I type this he is snoozing in the laundry pile....silly pig.

Emma is zonked out on the end of the bed.  She has had a good few days - she hasn't necessarily *been* good but she is doing well!  :)  Since she has gotten older she has decided that the rules no longer apply.  She gets into the garbage, blatantly does not listen and pretty much does what she wants.  Then she gets in trouble and is shocked.  She's lucky I adore her.  Even more so - she is lucky her dad is willing to look the other way on just about anything she does.... my pig - his dog....

The kitties are doing well - they seem happy and like they are feeling good.  We are down to very minimal hair balls - thank goodness.  They will be quite excited as a friend of ours was kind enough to give us a big comfy chair that will live in critter land.  I am pretty sure that they kitties will take it over.  It's in the back of the truck and will get moved in tomorrow morning.

Ferrets are fantastic.  Everyone seems so healthy and happy.  Great activity levels, great appetites, all normal outputs - things with the business of ferrets are good!!  This morning they got to play in the shower while I tidied their area.  This evening they all got loved on and all but Violet got a treat of Ferretone.  She doesn't like it for some reason so she got a tiny little bite of her favorite - yogurt covered pretzel.

Outside - the birds are active and a joy to watch at the feeders.  The squirrels and chimpunks are plentiful.  The wild turkeys are visiting often, as are the deer.  I haven't seen the possums in a bit - and I haven't seen our raccoon friend who dropped by.  Tons of lizards in many varieties and the frogs serenade us each evening with the lovely accompaniment of lightening bugs - its very cool!

So - as this Saturday moves into evening, my little zoo is settled in for the night.  I am going to continue with the laundry (working around the pig of course) and have a bite to eat....hope you are having a happy Saturday!

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