A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wild and Crazy Day Recap

So - it really has been a fairly crazy day around here....

KAI UPDATE:  First we had a bit of a scare this morning - in case you missed it here is my Facebook post from earlier today:  'Scary zoo moment....Kai (ferret) was in some sort of respiratory distress while I was cleaning down in critter land. I think he was choking on something. He was very frightened - tail and fur puffed out and he was trying to hide. I got to him and isolated him from the others. We did the finger sweep of the mouth which seemed to help somewhat...at least it calmed him a bit. I gave him ferretone with a bit of honey in case it was an allergic reaction. Honey is a natural antihistamine so it opens up the airways. Then we did a big drink of water with colloidal silver in it. He seems much better...an occasional little hack but breathing and heartrate are normal. He is napping, still in isolation. I would like for him to go potty before I let him back in with the others to be sure that end of the weasel is operating normally and we don't have a blockage. Fingers crossed by later this afternoon he will be back with his siblings....' 

I am happy to report that this afternoon I was able to put Kai back with his siblings.  He woke up from his nap and did his thing - outputs looked normal.  I made him some gravy (ferret food with warm water) which is one of his favorites and he ate the whole bowl.  Nothing wrong with his appetite for sure.  He was a bit subdued this afternoon - not my regular wild child - but I think the whole episode really scared him.  Hubs and I went out this evening.  It was hard to leave him....  we got home and checked in on him and the rest of the weasels and they are all just fine.  Kai was even up for a bit of wrestling and playing.  The kitties are all doing fantastic as well - they have been fed, medicated and given some kitty treats this evening.

PIG ON THE PORCH:  As if the whole choking episode with the ferret wasn't crazy enough....  Once Kai had settled in for a nap I decided to take all of the blankets out of the critter room and run them through the laundry.  I gathered them up and headed to the laundry room and then went back to continue to keep an eye on the ferret.  When I walked past the front door, much to my surprise, there was a pig on the front porch.  Seems the locking mechanism on the front gate had gotten stuck in the up position so the gate just needed a little push in order to open.  Winston made his way in front of the garage (thank goodness both the garage doors were closed) and into the front yard.  He rooted in the dirt, munched on some flowers, etc.  He had a lovely adventure.  Thankfully he didn't wander off and stayed very close to home.  He was quite happy to see me through the front door windows.  Silly pig.  He happily followed me into the back yard and we closed the gate and checked it twice.  We did a WD-40 repair on the gate locking mechanism and all was right in the world again....

THINGS THAT GO BUMP IN THE DAY:  So - after Kai was back with his brothers and sisters and the pig was secured in the yard I needed to get ready for our afternoon/evening out.  I started the tub and went to change over the laundry while it was filling.  I heard the doorbell ring but chose to ignore it, fairly certain that it was the postman with a package.  Then there was loud knocking.  Again I decided to head for the tub.  Once I was in there I heard it - a bump in the day.  Unfortunately when Emma woke me at 3 am I was on Facebook and saw this video about burglars and their method of operation.  So, of course I freaked out.  I drained the tub, wrapped up in a towel and went to investigate taking my trusty guard pig with me. Winston was hilarious.  He totally picked up on my anxiety and he stuck very close.  We slowly crept out to the living room and then to the entry.  Of course I was right and it was a package waiting on the porch.  Geez....  I am pretty sure that since Winston can be a pink turd to people I like he would likely be even worse of someone he thought was threatening me.  He could do some damage if he was so inclined.

Anyway - all was fine.  Everyone is fine.  Emma and Winston have been out for their last potty break. Kitties and weasels are in bed.  I will head in to tuck the piglet in shortly.  I am so thankful that Kai is feeling better.  There is no worse feeling than seeing your fur kid in distress.  I am also very thankful that Winston stayed so close and that we didn't have to initiate a search party.  Even though it was a bit of a stressful day everyone is okay and that's all that matters.

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