A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, May 22, 2016

General Updates

As I type this it is POURING outside.  Thunder, lightening, the works.  Emma is handling it pretty well.  At the moment she is snoozing on the floor at the end of our bed.  I think her hearing is not what it used to be so she doesn't hear the thunder as much as she used to.  She had a pretty uneventful weekend - outside time, inside time - a pretty good couple of days.

Winston had a good day today.  He played outside for the bulk of the day.  It was a good rooting day because it has rained so much its a muddy mess out there.  I just tucked him in under his red fleece blanket.  He snuggled down and went to sleep - not sure if he is effected by the storms but he seemed ready for bed and covers for sure.

Ollie, Aggie and Phoebe - the kitties are doing just great.  They were quite interactive while I was down in critter land over the course of the day.  The great hairball season seems to be slowing a bit - thank goodness.  Only one for the whole weekend - woot!  :)

And last - the weasels.  I had lots of time with them today.  I was checking in on Kai to make sure he is still doing well.  The great news is that he is just fine.  He was quite cuddly and affectionate early in the day and then as it got later my wild child returned.  By this evening my leaping, biting, running, crazy boy was back which made my heart happy.  The calm, affectionate boy was fine but I missed his wild antics.  My other two boys - Theo and Bash are both doing amazing - happy and healthy and playful.

The little girls - Madison was her energetic, sweet, joyful and affectionate self all day.  Fiona was both playful and mellow - she played with toys and wrestled a bit but was also content to be held and loved on tonight.  Tabitha was quite interactive for her - she tends to be somewhat aloof.  Today she "helped" me clean up, she tolerated being held multiple times and she played with me - all great things.  And then there is Violet... each time I went down to critter land today Violet was snoozy, sleepy, not particularly energetic, etc.  I saw her eating and drinking and her outputs were fine.  She just wasn't interacting or playing.  It worried me a bit so this evening I decided to pull her out of critter land and let her play in our room for an hour or so.  I figured if she was feeling bad she would likely be sleepy down here as well.  Um - let's just say our schedules must have been off because she was WILD while she was here.  She was racing around playing, making her happy ferret noises, climbing on the furniture, investigating the closets and trying to get Emma to play with her.  She used up all that energy she gained by being sleepy today for sure.  I am fairly certain she is feeling just fine and that she was likely up and active during times when I wasn't down in their area.  Let's face it - after the Kai episode I might be just a little bit paranoid.

It was a good critter day today.  Can't believe it is already time to start another busy work week.... UGH!

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