A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Crazy Weekend!!!

OMG - this was a crazy weekend!  My mom came up for  a visit on Friday, the hubs and I had tickets to the show Friday night.  We had friends over on Saturday and we hosted Mother's Day Brunch today.  Wowser - lots going on in the human world.

I feel like the critters were a bit neglected this weekend.  Don't get me wrong - they were cared for as always but I didn't get the face time with them that I generally do. The ferrets are doing well - Mom and I went in to critter land for a visit this evening.  Everyone was happy and playful.  Kai was a bit exuberant as always.  The kitties had some loves and play time as well - they were doing just fine as well.

Emma has had a good weekend - her old pal Quincy was here (my mom's golden).  They have had some good together time this weekend.  They are 9 months apart in age - Emma turned 13 in March and Quincy will be 13 in December.  They have grown up together and are great friends.

Winston probably felt the craziness of the weekend more than anyone.  He is doing better but is still not trustworthy with guests.  He feels the need to show his dominance.  Now that his tusks are growing out and are quite sharp its easy for him to accidentally scratch you when he moves his head in an effort to show you who's boss.  I wouldn't exactly call it a swipe - its not that same motion he used when he was younger.  But he does scratch/poke you with his tusk and it hurts and can easily draw blood.  I am working with Winston on getting accustomed to me playing with his teeth.  Every night at bedtime I try to mess with his mouth - I use a Q-tip to  clean his gums and teeth.  I use my fingers and my finger nails on his teeth and his tusks and I make him open his mouth so I can get a full view.  At some point I will introduce the Dremel and at some point I hope to be able to file down his tusks myself with no medication.  Not sure how successful I will be but we have been very lucky on maintenance so far - he loves eyes, ears, hoofs and so far his is happy with teeth - fingers crossed this will work.

We really tested him this weekend - I think he did fairly well - better than I had thought he would.  There is certainly room for improvement.  My husband, however, doesn't think things went well.  We disagree on whether Winston is a "mean pig" or not.  I say no - that he is being a pig and trying to show he is dominant.  Hubs thinks he is being mean.  All in all - we had one incident where he mini swiped one of the nephews.  Thankfully he didn't break the skin and he mostly just got him muddy from his dirty snout.  He was fed by a stranger multiple times and he had lots of strangers in his space.  All in all it went fairly well.  My mom is not a huge fan - he has her quite intimidated - so they didn't spend any time together this weekend.  Tomorrow we go back to the regular routine - that goodness.....

Hoping all of you have had a happy Mother's Day!!

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