A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Traveling When You Have a Zoo

We took a quick trip to the beach this weekend.  It was nice to get away but prep for 10 critters is really tough.

Winston had his first trip to the boarder (vet).  I dropped him off on Saturday morning....we did a weigh in and holy heck - he weighs 21 pounds.  Not sure what that means for how big he will get - doesn't really matter (within reason).  He had his own pen that had access to the outdoors so he could get some air and some sun while he was there.  We picked him up this afternoon... so happy to see him.

Emma went to grandma's house.  She loves my parent's dog Quincy.  My brother and sister in law are in town as well - they have two dogs as well so they are having a big dog party.  She also got picked up this afternoon.

Kitties and ferrets stayed home.  We are up to nine cameras - 6 still cams that grab the image when you access.  3 are live cams that are amazing - they pan, they zoom, they have night vision - they are super. We had one in the living room which allowed visibility to most of the lower level.  One in the bedroom which gave us good views of the kitties and ferrets sleeping and playing on our bed and one pointed at the closet in our room - the ferret's favorite sleeping spot.  I had pretty good luck finding them on camera!

Preparation is an endurance event for sure....  packing for Winston and Emma - so much stuff. Prepping the house for kitties and ferrets includes setting cameras, setting up food and water stations, making sure doors are open or closed appropriately and for those that should be open that they are propped open so Phoebe the door slammer doesn't lock anyone in.  We usually get a pet sitter - the kitties need their meds 2x a day.  This time since we went for such a short time we administered meds before we left mid day on Saturday.  On Sunday they went without and on Monday they got their dose again mid day and they will get another late tonight.  I rarely skip a dose but it seemed to be okay when it happens infrequently.  As always we had a neighbor on stand by with a key ready to enter should there be any kind of an emergency or any critter being MIA on camera roll call.  Thankfully no need to call on them....

All in all - we have fun when we are away but I desperately miss my furries.  I am glad we are all back together again....

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