A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Six Ferret Update - The State of the Business

The little ferret business is doing just fantastic these days!  Everyone is bright, full of energy and happy it seems...

Madison is her usual funny and affectionate self - full of sweet ferret kisses.  She is quite fond of the new babies and can often be found snoozing with the girls or even giving the boys a run for their money in the wrestling department.

Theo is loving having the little ferrets around. He has constant companionship and lots of playmates and he is really thriving.  He and Kai spend lots of time together - although I am happy to see Kai playing with Vi and Maddie as well lately.  Theo also loves Tabitha and Harlow and can be found cuddled up with them at multiple points every day.  He has turned into a mushy love bug who loves to be held and loved on by his humans!

Violet is still my independent girl but she is much more tolerant of being held and kissed upon these days. She was quite slow to warm up to the babies but now they are all great friends.  She chases them around and wrestles with them and you can hear her chatting with Kai and Tabitha - they are all noisy ferrets and have their own way of communicating.

Tabitha is much like Violet in that she wants to be very independent.  She is full of energy and can frequently be found attacking feet under the covers.  She tends to hang out with the boys as she prefers a more rough and tumble type of play - she is my tomboy for sure.  She is quite happy with the toys in her stocking and spends lots of time chasing them up and down the hallway.

Kai is still my wild child!  That crazy ferret is full on all the time.  He is friends with all the ferrets and is not discriminatory as to who he wallops in wrestling.  He even leaps on the dog!  Kai is fearless and quite gregarious and full of energy.  He is very affectionate and often gives wet sloppy ferret kisses to the humans! If only I had 1/10th the energy I would be super woman....

Last but most certainly not least my sweet Harlow.  My beautiful one is so mellow and laid back.  She likes to cuddle and will let you hold her while she sleeps.  She is quite fond of toys and is much like Finn as she can often be seen running with a toy in her mouth finding a spot to hoard it.  She is fascinated by Emma and Emma is amazingly patient with her.

Healthwise the gang seems to be doing well.  I think we are past the ECE danger period and no one seems to show any signs of that lovely virus thank goodness.  The reinforcements on the upstairs gate/room divider to keep the weasels out of piggy land seem to be working quite well - there has not been an escape since the latest configuration was put in place and the ferrets have been out and about full time for the most part.

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