A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pet Product Review - BentoBalls

BentoBall - where have you been all my life.  I do lots of pet product reviews and rarely if ever do I say this.... Stop what you are doing - get in your car - drive to the pet store and buy one of these for every dog (or pig)  you have - right now - immediately!

Starmark makes these toys/treats and today I have a happy pooch and a happy piglet for sure and this equals a happy critter mom!  Winston is in love with his "ball".  He likes the everlasting treat on the top - its tough - he hasn't hardly made a dent in it and pig's have incredibly strong jaws.  In addition I broke up and stuck some piggy cookies in the other side - he loves that the plastic is soft and flexible - he sticks his whole snout in there.  It's tough to get them to come out but every once in awhile a cookie magically appears and he gets quite excited - then he goes after the ball some more.  He has played with that thing for hours today. I am thinking it will be a great diversion for him at night - hopefully it will keep him out of trouble....  :)

Emma likes hers as well - she has been chewing away.  I think she will enjoy hers much more when its not rainy and she is not stressed - but she has been pretty interested in it given the circumstances.

Here is what the packaging says:

  • Made with virtually indestructible material 
  • Provides hours of challenging play
  • Great for dental hygiene
  • Dishwasher safe
I have to agree with all of these statements - and I am glad its dishwasher safe - although not sure when I will have a chance to run it through the dishwasher - they literally won't leave it alone....  

This was not designed for a pig - but I am so pleased at how its holding up. Winston can kill a dog toy in about 5 seconds so I am so happy to have found one he can abuse without destroying!  Also the treats that go in the ball are not super high in protein so I feel good feeding it to him.  I bought two packs of additional treats - not thinking I will need them for awhile.  Everlasting is not an exaggeration!

I would give this one 2 paws and 2 hooves up for sure!!

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