A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

General Updates

Today was a bit of a whacky day with having to be gone for a good portion of the day doing work things at the office.  The critters are spoiled - used to having someone home with them all the time so I heard about it when I got home - especially from the piglet.  My creatures are most definitely creatures of habit so when our schedule gets changed for whatever reason they are not happy campers.

So - in general - everyone seems good - happy, healthy and for our newcomers, settling in quite well. The kitties spent today like every other day lounging around.  Oliver and Winston spent some time playing this afternoon.  Phoebe spent the bulk of her afternoon in our bedroom with the ferrets.  Emma didn't have a great day today because it was stormy here.  She spent the time I was gone hiding in the laundry room - its her backup place when she is downstairs and it storms.  Once I got home I let her in to the bedroom and she spent the rest of the afternoon and evening under the bed.  Piglet is fine - noisy but fine.  He is quite the character and we spent some time playing and cuddling before the humans headed upstairs for the evening.

Ferret updates - first - no signs of squabbling, illness or any other icky things that can happen when you introduce new ferrets into your family.  Everyone is bright and active and good to go.  Theo is in heaven - enjoying having another boy to play with and trying to make sure that Kai understands that Theo is boss around here.  They play and wrestle like little maniacs and are quite fun to watch.  Theo also loves the girls - he has always been close to Vi and Maddie and now he has two more BFFs in Harlow and Tabitha.  When I got home today we had Maddie, Vi and Tabitha sharing the dresser drawer and Harlow, Kai and Theo sacked out behind the TV cabinet.  They are making friends quickly!!  Violet is still a bit uncertain, as is Madison but I am guessing in another few days they will be one big happy ferret family.  I took a bath tonight which was and adventure - the little babies were up on the side of the tub investigating.  Kai is fearless and decided that he didn't care that there was water in the tub - he just decided to climb on in and sit on my tummy.  Crazy boy!  The new babies have infused a new energy to our household.  I am very pleased for Theo in particular - he is insanely happy and completely exhausted every day.

Christmas stockings for the new little babies arrived today - I LOVE them - will post about them with some photos tomorrow.  The critter Christmas cards have arrived - but they were off to print before we had the new babies so I have an idea for a fun modification - will be working on that over the next few days so that cards are ready to go by end of the week - envelopes are already addressed - just need to modify and stuff.  I will be posting what this year's card looks like later this month.

Tomorrow I may let the ferrets out so they can burn off some energy exploring their 2 additional rooms upstairs - we will see....

I think that might be it for critter related updates for today....

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