A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Friday, April 03, 2015

Supply Run - Hit By A Bus Series

It's been awhile since I did a Hit By A Bus update. The premise is what would happen if I got hit by a bus - who would take care of my babies and who would have the information necessary to keep their lives as status quo as possible.  So - as I went out for my monthly supply run I thought it was a good time to do an update:

Winston - he is currently eating Mazuri mini pig food - the active adult formula.  I get it from our local Tractor Supply Co store.  He gets a total of 1.25 cups of food per day half in the morning at around 7 am and the other half in the evening around 5 pm.  He also gets treats throughout the day.  I try to make sure the treats he gets are around 5% protein.  They are hard to find - I don't go over 8% though.  I make him do his tricks for treats - sit, speak, around in a circle in both directions, up, and play the xylophone.

The kitties are free feeders.  Currently I have them on Purina Indoor Formula.  They have access to their food at all times - it has to be kept in a spot where Mr. Piglet cannot get to it .  For litter box - sometimes they use the pine litter in Winston's boxes but mostly they prefer the clay litter.  I use Tidy Cat - either the small spaces formula or the order control formula.  Again - the clay litter has to be kept in a place where the piglet can't get too it or else he will eat it and make himself very sick.  Oliver, Zoey and Phoebe need thyroid meds on their ear every morning and every evening.  Ollie and Zoey are on a higher dose than Phoebe so you have to be careful to give them the right one - I label the vials when I get them.  Dosing instructions are on the bag they come in.

I currently have Emma on Biljack Sr Formula from Petco.  I free feed her the dry and she gets one wet meal each day usually in the evening.  The ferrets and the kitties also like the Biljack which is fine.  Emma gets treats throughout the day - same as Winston.  I make her do tricks as well - sit, up, shake with both paws, lay down, speak and if you are really adventurous, balancing her treat on her nose.  Emma has to be on her leash when she goes out to potty - she is a runner.

The ferrets - they are also on the Purina Indoor Formula and they have access to Marshall Ferret Diet as well.  I have a free feeder of dry ferret food and a bowl with the wet version available to them.  I use warm water in the morning and the evening to make them a soupy gravy which they seem to like very much.  I offer Ferretone to everyone but only Theo, Madison and Bash take me up on the offer.  I also give them ferret chew sticks but usually only Theo and Kai are takers on those as well.

Flea protection - it is delivered monthly by Petco - around the 12th of the month I apply it.  The kitties and the ferrets get a dose each month.  It's the feline version of Frontline and they get one vial on their backs - between their shoulderblades so they can't lick it off.  Winston does not need flea protection and Emma wears a Seresto Flea collar - it needs to be replaced in September of 2015 and every 8 months thereafter.

Hands on every critter rule - I try to make sure I put my hands on every critter every morning and every night before bed to make sure everyone is happy and healthy and accounted for.

There you have it - the latest info just in case....  :)

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