A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Week in Review

Wowser - what a crazy, crazy week!!!  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday were just jam packed with work stuff.  Tuesday had 8 hours of back to back conference calls and Wednesday and Thursday I actually had to be in the office which is a rare occurrence. This meant lots less time with the critters than usual.  Add to that finishing taxes and the time it takes to do our walking each day and Kai being sick on Wednesday night made for an excessively stressful week that I am happy to see come to an end.

So - not sure what was up with Kai.  Ferrets very rarely throw up - for instance I had Clooney for 7 years and he did only one time ever.  I think since Kai had never had that happen before he scared himself and felt like he needed to hide.  He did a great job - going under the bathtub where you couldn't see him or get to him in any way.  I think he must have curled up and gone to sleep.  He was under there for a really long time. When he came out he was perfectly fine - thank goodness.  Needless to say - the door to under the tub has been sealed so no one can get under there again.  I am always shocked at the affirmation of how much you love one of your critters when you think they might be sick.  I am so relieved that my boy - and all of my sweet weasels - are doing well.

Mr Piglet had a tough week - lots of alone time.  He was very well behaved - not into any mischief while we were gone but he was quite the stinker once we got home.  He is still doing his tricks and playing with his treat ball.  Today I did a bit of an experiment where I spent time working both upstairs and downstairs which let me spend time with Winston and Emma and also with the ferrets.  It seemed to work pretty well and there didn't seem to be much complaining from anyone.  Might have to adopt this new way of dividing my days.

Emma had a rough week as well - multiple days of rain made her very unhappy and she spent a good amount of time under the bed.  Kitties - well...they are just as lazy and happy as always.  So long as they have food and a clean litter box they don't seem to care much if I am home during the day.

Tonight we are hanging out at home having a bit of downtime.  Winston is in bed, Emma is tuckered out from her walk.  Phoebe and Ollie and hanging out upstairs and Zoey and Aggie are downstairs.  Ferrets are playing.  All in all a much needed quiet evening.  There are no formal plans on the docket for the weekend so I hope we can make up for some lost time with my sweet critters....

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