A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Thursday, April 09, 2015

The State of the Business

Looks like I need to update my header with Bash and Fiona - but for now this will do I guess.  In general - the state of the business is FANTASTIC!  I couldn't be happier:

Madison has taking quite the liking to Bash and the two of them are rather inseparable. Its fun to watch the tiniest member of the ferret family and the largest play and hang out together.  Madison is her same sweet and joyful self.  She is quite active and engaged - I am pleased that my eldest girl is doing so well!

Theo is doing just great - he is still BFFs with Kai and the two of them find trouble multiple times a day. Theo is my side kick - he immediately finds me when he is called and then stays right with me until all the other ferrets are located.  He is so sweet and affectionate and he is very active - playing and wrestling with everyone in the bunch.  My poor boy is a seasonal allergy sufferer so he has been getting colloidal silver and some extra love and attention.  He is faring pretty well given the thick coating of pine pollen we have at the moment.

Violet is the ever elusive girl - she has her own schedule and her own way of interacting.  That said - she is doing very well.  She hangs out most with Tabitha and a bit with Fiona.  She is very vocal and she is the alpha ferret so she gives everyone the what for when she doesn't think things are going right.  She is bright and full of life - she had fun playing with the others during bath time last night.  No complaints...

Kai my wild child has mellowed a bit since we added Bash to the family.  He is still wild and crazy and totally fearless.  He adores Theo but can often be found playing with Bash or the girls.  He is still a bit of a biter - not unusual for a young ferret.  He will be turning 1 in July - along with Tabby, Harlow and Winston.

Harlow is still my beautiful mellow girl.  She is gentle and sweet and a bit shy.  She does like to play though and I saw her wrestling and playing tag with Bash this morning.  She also likes toys and can often be found hoarding them from one hidey hole to another. Such a sweet girl!

Tabitha is doing amazing - her summer coat is coming in so her markings are changing a bit.  She is putting on a tiny bit of weight which is just fine as she is tiny like Maddie.  Tabby is much like Violet - quite independent and aloof at times - she kinda does her own thing.  I find it interesting that she and Violet are close - two peas in a pod I guess.

Bash is really thriving since he came to live with us.  He is slimming down and I think he really loves being a part of a large group of ferrets.  He plays with anyone who will play and he is quite exuberant.  Bash is quite the biter - we work on it every day.  Again - this is not unusual for young male ferrets.  Bash and Fiona are just 5 months old.  He will get the hang of it soon - we went through this with Clooney, Finn, Theo, Kai....I am so happy to see him happy and I love that he is a part of our family.  I am still amazed at how many characteristics of Finn I see in Bash.  It does make me smile and think of my Finney even more often....

And last - but most certainly not least - the darling Fiona.  She is darling on the inside and out - her markings make her adorable and I just love those little white feet.  She also has a darling personality - kind of a combination of Madison in her joyfulness and Harlow in her mellowness.  She is a very active girl and loves to play.  She is also a scratcher...ferrets have very tough skin and one of the ways they play and show affection to each other is by scratching.  She does this on your feet, legs, arms - um ouch!!  We are working on it....

So - all in all - my crazy bunch of weasels is doing amazing!!  Next week they get flea meds and I will be making a first vet appointment for Bash and Fiona very soon as well.  It's all good in ferret world!!

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