A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Thunder Shirts and Colloidal Silver

Between thunderstorms every afternoon for the last week and a LONG weekend of fireworks the poor pup is not in good shape.  I popped into the pet store yesterday to pick up fresh worms for Nigel and they had a new product called a Thunder Shirt.  Evidently pressure is a way to treat anxiety in animals - for instance - when they vaccinate large animals like livestock they put them in pressure chutes to keep them calm.  So - I decided to spring for the pink thunder shirt.  I am ready to try anything at this point.  Luckily - Emma is spoiled with a sweatshirt, rain coat and 47 scarves so she kinda likes getting her "coat" on.  I read the instructions and put the coat on for a few minutes to try it out.  Emma often pants a nervous pant - that was gone and she happily sacked out on the bedroom floor.  After a couple of hours I took it off and gave her a break.  I knew that there were town fireworks planned for the 5th and that thunder was in the forecast so when it started to cloud up I put her back in her coat.  She still fled upstairs and got under the bed but when I checked on her she was calmly laying under there - no panting and no shaking.  Then, miracle of miracles she came out from under the bed after all had passed and joined us in the bonus room - that would have NEVER happened before.  So off with the coat and then on again in the middle of the night when I noticed some lightening.  She slept in her coat last night - no scratching on the carpet either.  Interesting stuff.  I think we will continue to use it and see if we get additional results.

Phoebe appears to have an eye issue going on in her right eye.  Guessing from the puncture wound close to her ear on that same side I am guessing that she and Oliver were playing a little too rough and he pokes or scratched her eye.  She is having yellowish eye gunk but has no other issues - the eye doesn't seem to have any damage.  Yesterday I decided to try the Colloidal Silver on her eye - using a Q-Tip to apply it in the corner and around the outside.  I was not comfortable putting it directly in her eye but I think some probably made its way in there when the wet cotton was applied to the corner.  She is very good about letting me apply it and I did four treatments yesterday.  The first treatment resulted in an increase amount of gunk - maybe it flushed out something that was in there?  The subsequent treatments showed a decrease in gunk each time.  This morning she had a bit of gunk but not much considering she went all night.  I will try this today and tomorrow and if its not cleared up then we will head to the vet for antibiotic ointment.  I always like to try the holistic approach first - especially on some of these minor issues.  Look for an update soon....

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