A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
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Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Pet Product Review - QPets Automatic Feeder

We did a quick overnight trip over the weekend and decided to leave Mr Piglet at home.  He is doing well with his litter box usage so the only thing we needed was a way to feed him and give him his cookies.  When we first got him I had purchased an upright feeder that has a chute and sends food into a bowl at the designated time.  That simply didn't work as the piglet was obsessed with getting to the food  - so much so he ended up scabbing up his nose by putting it up the chute in an effort to get the food.

I ordered the QPets automatic feeder:

I am quite happy with this product.  It's a little quirky to program but we did a test run to make sure it would do what we needed while we were gone.  I had to secure the latches and around the rim with duct tape to keep Winston's snout out but other than that it did great.  There is a sliding door that covers up the first meal until its time and he was not able to break in - not for lack of trying.  He really abused this little feeder and it stood up to him standing on it and trying anything he could think of to get to the food.  I also like that it has a recorder that you can use to leave your pet a message.  This 6 second blurb plays when his meals are delivered.  Winston was fascinated by hearing by voice when he could see that I wasn't talking.  We had the feeder give him his meals morning and night and mid day open up with a surprise of some of his favorite treats.

I velcroed this to the kitchen floor so he couldn't push it around.  That also gave me an opportunity to put a camera on it so I could make sure that he was getting fed.  Lastly - I stuck a small sticker in each one of the six feeder cups - each a different color so I could tell if the feeder was moving for each meal.

All in all I would give this a thumbs up.  We can use it for days when we will be gone for longer periods of time so he can get his meals at the appointed times - believe me he knows the appointed times.....  :)

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