A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Bashy's Trip to the Vet

So - do you ever have days when you have grandiose plans and then something happens that changes the whole thing?  That was my day.  It's my last day off before going back to work.  I had planned a whole slew of chores - it was going to be a gloriously productive day.

The morning started off well - I got some things done in my office/craft room and I got the carpet shampooed in the critter area - it needed it!!  Then I went to the critter room and there it was - the puddle that would change my day.  Someone - a ferret - had pee with blood in it.  UGH!  There are challenges when one of seven ferrets leaves you a puddle like that....who the heck is sick???  So - begin 'Operation Pee Watch'.  It's sort of like Bay Watch with a lot less boobs and sand.  LOL  Okay - it's nothing like Bay Watch - it's like sitting around waiting for ferrets to pee so you can cross them off the list.

Without going into detail - let's just say you can tell the difference between boy outputs and girl outputs so I was fairly quick to determine it was one of the boys.  Theo was crossed off the list early on and it was down to Bash and Kai.  I am sure they think I am a crazy stalker lady at times but I was finally able to eliminate Kai from the list and I was pretty sure I it was Bash that was not well.  I put him in our bathroom and waited.  Finally he did the deed and I was able to confirm that he in fact had some sort of issue going on.  When the first puddle was found I immediately called the vet and they were able to work me in.  I took samples with me of two different times Bash had gone potty as well as a fecal sample.  If I bring it with me that means less stress for him - no needle in the bladder to draw out a sample and no stick up the rump to get the fecal sample.

Bash did quite well at the vet - he was cooperative and cute - chewing on the Dr's stethoscope.  He kindly made a deposit in the exam room and his pee looked almost normal - what in the world is going on with the little dude.  They ran a urinalysis on the most fresh sample and they did an xray to see if there were any blockages or stones.  Long story short - it was determined that likely he had a stone which he had passed.  That is why his urine was so bloody as it worked it's way through.  Now that the stone is gone (there were no others seen on the xray) he should be just fine.  We did a round of antibiotics as a precaution.  I have him in our room tonight and tomorrow and will put him back with his siblings on Thursday should all go well.  I am supplementing his water intake with a syringe just to keep things moving and continue to flush out his system.

All in all - it was far scarier looking than it turned out to be.  Thankfully it's not serious and Bash should be just fine.  Love that furry little dude!  I was only able to capture one really cruddy picture of Bash at the vet:

In other news - the other furry children have been super well behaved today.  Oliver has been on best behavior, Emma has been great and Winston spent some time outside today but it was quite cold so he wanted to come back in around noon.  He spent the afternoon napping in his little room - not a peep out of him.  I tried to be a good dog/pig mommy when I got home from the vet and take them for their afternoon walk even though it was freezing outside.  I got them out and we all trooped down to the gate.  I went through and they stayed in the yard looking at me like I was nuts.  No way were they going on a walk in this weather.  So I closed the gate, gave them each a cookie and we all trooped back inside.  Winston is curled up in his bed - he loves his new blanket!  He had his dinner and a snack of kale - one of his favorites.  Here shortly I will head down to critter land to check on everyone and give them their nightly attention, food and medications.  Winston will have to get up and go out for his potty break - I might have to put on his coat - it really is cold out there!

Back to work in the morning....

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