A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper

A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
Ever wonder what its like to share your world with a bunch of crazy critters? Tune in to find out!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

That Weasel is a Thief

I spent part of my time today searching high and low for a granola bar that Clooney found in a paper bag - evidently I missed it when we unpacked stuff from our latest road trip.  I was on a conference call when he came tearing through the living room with granola bar in his mouth - up the stairs he went.  I was in hot pursuit but dang it he is fast!  Craft room - nope, husbands closet - no, bonus room - not there either, guest room....nothing.  He stashed it in one of his secret hiding spots - probably somewhere near the cow.....

The good news is that he doesn't eat the granola bars - he is mesmerized by the shiny foil wrapper.  He likes candy that is shiny too but he doesn't eat that either.  Gotta love the surprise of a granola bar when you are cleaning some day in the future.

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